February 6, 2018

Wireless Charging

The future of charging…


The concept itself has been on the fringes of main stream technology for a couple of years now, however it never quite broke the mould in terms of reliability, consumer trust and even design.

Previously there was no direct contact charging, you needed to attach a special case to the back of your phone which communicated with a chargepad. However, with the release of the latest Iphone models wireless has come galloping to the forefront of branded tech products.

The Iphone 8/X are two of the first phones to offer built in wireless charging, this has encouraged designers and manufacturers alike to release a raft of sleek designs and interesting takes on the concept, each competing to make their product the goto item.


ZESC05B00_HR_3DOf course! You simply put your phone down, pick up and go.

Each wireless charger has built in fast-charging, meaning you can grab some juice on the go in record time.

You may also notice a ‘Qi’ logo on our pads. Qi are leading producers of the batteries used in wireless charging, their logo on a wireless product is assurance of its quality, longevity and health and safety.


ZESC07B-A-Stand-charger-Black-IphoneIphone 8/X are at the forefront of championing the wireless cause, but these aren’t the only products on the market offering the option.

Wireless charging is now supported by ASUS, Google, Blackberry, Cat, HTC, LG, Kyocera, Motorola, Nokia and Samsung. With these big brands supporting this kind of charging, we can see wireless bursting onto the market early this year.


ZENS-PuK-Wireless-Charger-IntroducedChargepads improve data security!

Why? Well it’s simple, a chargepad doesn’t directly connect with your phone or tablet like a cable does. That means your items aren’t exposed to malware or other unfriendly types of software that can be uploaded to unlicensed or cheap charging cables.

So, your operating system stays squeaky clean!


zens-single-wireless-charger-black-3d-viewOf course, as branding specialists, this is why we love wireless chargepads, the huge branding spaces they offer.

Chargepads are by nature a little bigger than their cabled companions, this creates an opportunity to take advantage of some huge branding options, with full colour print, plastic covers and debossing available on these already sleek looking products.

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