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A day in the life of our tenacious traveller, Megan…

Hi! I’m Megan.

After graduating from York St John University with a degree in Primary Education, I taught in schools stretching from Halifax to as far as Thailand. Soon after my travels I joined Creative Emporium where I have worked as a Production Co-ordinator for the past eighteen months.

I started out processing and managing orders to completion for our Creative Emporium and CE Online accounts. However, I have recently moved across to the Uniforms side of the business which is a new challenge for me and I am excited to get stuck in! My role requires me to liaise with pretty much every department, which I enjoy as it keeps me connected throughout the business.

The most challenging aspect of my role is being faced with complications that could potentially affect the delivery of our orders. However, this is a rare occurrence and we have a great team of tenacious ladies who always do their best to find solutions, resulting in happy clients!

Outside of work, I love to travel. My most recent trip was to New York and Costa Rica over Christmas and New Year which was amazing – ¡Pura Vida! You will most likely find me scrolling through Sky Scanner on my lunch breaks or mapping out my next trip. My favourite things are cheese, sunflowers and my beautiful baby, Alan (my cat).

Next up is the Lego man himself, Mr Jake Steels!


A day in the life of our sock fighting party animal, Charlotte Rhodes

Hi, I‘m Charlotte or Rhodes/Rhodesy to everyone here at CE! Most recently famous for dislocating my thumb taking my sock off (…no really).

I studied Law at The University of Hull and worked for a bit in the legal industry before starting here as an Account Executive almost 12 months ago. I have loved every minute of it – time flies when you’re having fun!

Day-to-day you will find me liasing with clients about their new and existing orders, brainstorming ideas with my team and giving the best customer service I can.

I would say one of the most challenging things about my job is juggling all of the different aspects of the role at once; organisation is key! It definitely pays off however seeing our clients happy after putting in all the hard work and effort.


One of the things I love most about my job is how diverse it can be, one minute I could be fulfilling a brief for an overseas conference for a big corporate company and the next a wedding fair for one of our retail clients.

There really is no telling what a day may bring. It’s also great getting to work with such a fun and helpful group of people; it definitely makes the busiest days that bit easier with such great support from all the different teams in the office.

In my spare time you’ll probably find me on a night out with friends, at a gig or down at Headingley watching the rugby (league of course – go Rhinos!).

For the next Day in the Life I am going to nominate one of my favourite production girls, Megan Hanson!

ash 1

A day in the life of our wine & cheese loving Account Manager, Ashleigh Lawson


Hi, I’m Ashleigh and I’ve been with Creative Emporium for just over three and a half years. I first joined the business as a Production Co-ordinator in our sister company Creative Emporium Online before joining the CE sales team, becoming an Account Manager earlier this year.


I spend my days here at CE supporting quite a few of our key clients, acting as their main point of contact for all things merchandise related. Having developed great relationships with these clients I assist them to come up with exclusive ideas which will boost their brand and campaigns, while ensuring they receive high levels of customer service from the team.


My favourite thing about my job has to be the variety of briefs I can receive on a daily basis, making every day unique. However, juggling them all in one go can still be a challenge, so organisational skills definitely come in handy as a part of my role.


Outside of work, I like to stay healthy by going to the gym quite frequently, either before or after work and I love going on a long walk at the weekends – generally ending up lost! Alternatively if you can’t find me out and about you will find me most likely in front of the fire with friends having a wine and cheese night.


Next up I’m going to pick our amazing Account Executive, Charlotte Rhodes!


A day in the life of our tech loving outdoorsman, Dave Lister



Hi, I’m Dave and I’ve been with Creative Emporium for nigh on a decade now. I joined as the business’ first Production Coordinator, then swiftly became our second Account Manager. Quite a few years ago now, I made a move to become our first Systems Administrator.


In my role I manage our internal software, aspects of our IT hardware and also the functionality of our client-facing websites, ensuring that everything works smoothly for our customers and that they integrate with our internal processes, allowing us to provide effortless service.


The biggest challenge in my role is also the thing that makes it the most interesting and exciting; the sheer variety of different clients and suppliers we work with and the diversity of products we offer our clients. Keeping every day fresh, but also making it necessary to find hugely flexible tech and systems solutions.


Being involved in systems, websites, and IT here at Creative it’s probably not too much of a surprise that I’m interested in technology, how it affects our lives and how we utilise it. I love science fiction, especially the ways in which it often predicts technology and ideas way before they actually materialise. I also love music and I find it fascinating to find out about innovators who have used music technology in ways that were not intended by the inventors, sometimes creating whole music genres in the process (the Roland TB303 and Acid House, or turntables and Hip Hop are my favourite examples).


Although I’d not count myself as an innovator I do like to dabble with various music; I used to play guitar a lot but these days I prefer pressing buttons on various enigmatic machines that I only roughly know how to operate. These days though I’m likely to have a small mammal strapped to my chest whilst making noise so volumes are a little quieter than they used to be.


When not in the office I love to get out into the outdoors: camping, wild swimming, running, cycling, hill walking… I’m not too picky; if I can see some trees and a hill I’ll probably be happy. I also enjoy a good challenge and have previously done a marathon, cycled the coast to coast and Liverpool to Leeds canal rides, and done the Yorkshire 3 Peaks & National 3 Peaks walks. I hope to tick off all of the fells in the Lake District before my legs stop working!


As many at Creative will know I love my coffee; learning different techniques for making it and even sometimes try a bit of latte art, though my skills are still a bit on the hazy side! I also enjoy cooking, especially making pizza from scratch. My current favourite is a white pizza with brie, black grapes and caramelised onions (shamelessly stolen from Dough Boys’ Queen Brie pizza at the Belgrave in Leeds).

For our next ‘day in the life..’ blog, I nominate our awesome Account Manager, Ash!

Lauren 1

A day in the life of our jet-setter, Lauren Alexander…

Hi, I’m Lauren and I have worked at Creative Emporium for nearly 6 years now. Yorkshire lass born and bred, I live in Saltaire with my fiancé Dominic.

My role has changed a lot since I started! Starting out as an Account Manager, I worked with great clients like Deloitte and the University of Manchester. I later moved into my current role as Client Services Manager, responsible for training all our CE sales staff on customer service processes, to make sure everything runs as smoothly and effortlessly as possible. I work to improve the service we offer clients by managing projects that focus on client interaction.

I also act as HR Manager across the group, fulfilling the need for the recruitment, induction and training of new staff.

My favourite part of my role is meeting all the new recruits that enter the business! Introducing them and helping to get them settled into their new roles. The business is fast paced and that means I’m always looking at new opportunities and working on new projects. I do this alongside our Account Managers and Executives, ensuring our team develops and we offer the best service possible.

I love planning and going on holidays! I went with a group of friends this year for a joint 30th celebration in Las Vegas and San Francisco. I’m also recently engaged and taking on the mammoth task of planning a wedding. I’m surrounded by Pinterest boards!

If I’m not planning holidays or my wedding, I’ll be exploring the new bars and restaurants that pop up around Leeds, it’s a great place to be at the moment. I also love a good crime drama or detective novel, but who doesn’t like a whodunnit?

For our next ‘day in the life..’ blog, I nominate Dave Lister, our systems and CO3 expert, in addition to self-confessed coffee snob!


A day in the life of our puppy loving Autumn Watcher, Emma Killingbeck


I’m Emma and I’ve worked at Creative Emporium for 3 and a half years now. I live in Huddersfield (HTFC!!!) with my boyfriend, and a Westie dog by the name of Magnus.

I spend my days at CE working as an Account Manager, assisting some of our biggest clients, including DPD, The University of Manchester and intu. Having developed great relationships with these brands, I work with them to come up with unique, interesting products to boost their promotional campaigns.

Looking after so many people who all want different things and have different time scales is certainly my favourite part of the role, however juggling all the different briefs can be quite a challenge!

The diversity of the role means I take care of everything from proactive sampling and sales, to managing stock and heading out to meet our clients face to face. In addition, I work closely with our design team to brief in new product ideas, as well as manage and develop our client’s online stores. Generally handling every single problem under the sun!

Outside of work I like to make sure I’m always busy seeing friends and family. If I’m at home there must be something wrong! Every night of the week you can find me out and about meeting friends or walking Magnus.

On the rare occasion you do find me at home I’ll spend an evening watching some good old TV, especially when there are Autumn Watch updates to catch up on!

Next up! I’m going to pick our uncanny Client Services Manager, Lauren Alexander!


A day in the life of our beer-loving-beardy-wanderer, James Shaw


I’m James or Jamie (whichever takes your fancy), Group Marketing Executive and one of the freshest (hairiest) faces at Creative Emporium with a mountainous 2-month stint behind my desk. I’m a half-Irish, former ‘kind-of-cockney’ who has been absorbed by the delights of Yorkshire.



In another life, I studied Chinese-language at the University of Central Lancashire, often called UCLAN (among other things which I won’t repeat). Despite a Chinese major, I have had a passion for marketing since a 3-month internship I undertook in Taichung, Taiwan (臺中), before enrolling in University, which I hoped to eventually centre my career on. After a brief existence in sales, I managed to make the jump straight into the marketing deep end.

Our Group Marketing Manager, Hannah and I are shared between 3 different brands that come under the ‘Infinity Incorporated’ group of companies. The nature of a group wide role means we frequently vault between brands, personas and tones. One moment I can be devising a tactical marketing strategy and the very next nosedive into a brochure expounding the need for moisture wicked fabric on a dry-fit sports top (for the uninitiated, it absorbs your sweat).

While leaping between businesses like a bunch of one legged monkeys fighting over a bucket of marbles is certainly the most challenging part of my role, it’s also the most enjoyable! Keeping everyday varied and constantly facing new challenges means my role could be described as anything but dull. Coming from the decrepit world of Financial Services, where marketing is often stale and feels guided by rails, it’s a bigger plus than the Swis flag to be able to face situations where I get to use my brain and a dash of creativity.

In my own time I’m a lover of food and fine beers, and not so fine ones….in fact just beer in general. I’m always up for a pint and a chinwag, even though my mind (and wallet) is usually telling me no, but my body, my bodyyy is telling me yes. The rest of the time I can be found at the gym where I enjoy training strength to hit PBs and lift big.

I enjoy travel and with a Polish better half, I do a lot of it! We met while I spent around a total of 3 years living in China and Taiwan polishing those language skills to perfection. Travel broadens the mind, and while I’m not a convert, I came back from Taiwan and its heavily Daoist and Buddhist entwined culture with a much healthier view on life.

My secret nerdy passion is an obsessive love of history, I read as much as I can, whenever I can. One of my favourite lesser-known events is the Taiping Rebellion, which sprung up in the 1850s-1860s in central China against the ruling Qing dynasty. Pretty standard, except the whole rebellion and Taiping state were led by a failed local governor named Hong Xiu Quan who found Christianity and started claiming he was the younger brother of Jesus.

Mamas making hotcakes and I’m handing one out to our amazing Account Manager, Emma Killingbeck! You’re next!



A Day In The Life of Our Dog Lover, Ebony Burnett

Hiya (in a broad York accent), I am Ebony also known as Ebs or Eboneezer Goode around the town. I have recently turned 23 and have been a member of the Uniforms by Creative team for just over a year and a half now. I studied Sports Marketing at the mighty Leeds Met and pretty much came straight into my role here at Uniforms. A very important point which everyone should know about me is that I absolute love dogs. Obsessed. I will stop mid conversation to look at a dog in the street (kind of strange) and admire its cuteness. However, no dog is as cute as my little puppy Paris. I am a Liverpool FC supporter and have been since I was little. Let’s face it – I can’t rely on supporting York City.

I am the daily point of contact for some of Uniforms largest clients, ensuring they have the best customer service experience possible! This includes dealing with both existing clients and any new sites which might arise, providing sizing expertise, pricing and suggesting a range of options to suit their individual needs. As well as answering any day to day queries and creating presentations for clients, I see all of their orders through from quote stage to the delivery of the order which I find very fulfilling. This role has allowed me to develop a range of different skills. My favourite part of my role is definitely being briefed on new projects, being given full reign to select different garments and branding options for clients, then devising these into a cheeky prezzie! I have to give a huge shout out to the Uniforms team; we are a great team that work so well together providing support and laughter at all times.

The most challenging parts of my role are the issues which occur with orders (as the production girls know, there can be many!), prioritising my workload and ensuring everything is dealt with in a timely manner. Particularly during a roll-out period, this is very difficult. The Uniforms team pride ourselves on excellent customer service so it is imperative we maintain that no matter how busy we are behind the scenes.

My hobbies include playing netball at least twice a week for two different teams in York, playing a fierce GA (basically a striker if you are more football minded), spending time with my cutie pie dog Paris and socialising with a bubbly glass of prosecco. I love travelling (once I get to the place as I suffer from terrible travel sickness). I recently went to Thailand for just over 2 weeks which was a great experience and I would definitely recommend to anyone. My team would say I am a hard-core Robin Cousins fan; I have a love heart shaped frame of him on my desk so I can aspire to be like him on a daily basis. My favourite song (to the annoyance of the Uniforms team) is definitely C’est La Vie by B*Witched. Yes I know, but it gets everyone on their feet and I have no shame!

To our new Marketing Executive, Mr James Shaw – you’re up next!


A day in the life of our coin collector, Rebecca Burke


Hi I’m Becky (or Shoebecca to some).

I am approaching my 1 year work anniversary (presents welcome) as a Production Co-ordinator for Creative Emporium and Argon Promotions.

Day to day I am processing orders for the lovely account execs, and overseeing production of these to ensure that our clients receive high quality products and garments delivered on time. My role involves a lot of interaction with pretty much every department within the business on a daily basis which keeps me busy!

The main challenge of the production role is problems! Spanners in the works can crop up at every turn and this can sometimes mean delays for our clients which we don’t want. So when a problem occurs it is our job to look for solutions which can be tricky, but well worth it in the end when everything is resolved.

My favourite part of the job is receiving positive feedback from clients and hearing how their events were. Good feedback makes us feel fab and makes all the challenges worthwhile. My other favourite part is the people I work with (especially my production pod pals!). Cheesy I know, but everyone is so friendly and supportive and this really makes a difference to the job.

If I could be any celebrity I would be Blake Lively because she’s just amazing. There is also still a part of me who wants to be Lauren Conrad from The Hills (don’t judge).

Picking a favourite song is too hard, so instead I’ll share one of my all-time feel good films which is Click. If you haven’t seen it before beware, it’s a crier.

That’s enough from me, time to hear from somebody else and so I nominate a little lovely from the Uniform department….Ebony it’s your turn.


A day in the life of our resident DJ, Nick Hancox

I would like to take the opportunity to ‘thank’ Jameson for calling me out for this – he obviously knows how much I like unassumingly talking about myself.

But anyway, let’s kick this off! My name is Nick and I work next to the big blue wall of Argon Promo. I’ve been here almost 3 years now so I’ve sat in pretty much every seat in the house. My job role here is to make sure our awesome clients are getting great products delivered on time for their various needs. I also make sure the guys here are kept nice and busy with incoming enquiries and we’re providing a top service!

It sounds like a cliché but every day is different – which is the challenge! Sometimes you can be working on ideas for developing a client range – or you can be trying to shoehorn a huge t-shirt order in to our in-house print department. We work with a lot of retained accounts (such as print agencies) so it’s really great building relationships with customers and trying to develop their offering to their clients too. It’s all about working together!

My favourite thing about working here is the people. I know I’m not the first and won’t be the last to say it but there’s a great vibe and it genuinely feels like working with all your friends (we work hard though!)

If I could be any celebrity – I’d be that Robert De Niro chap. I think I’d just be constantly talking to myself so I could hear my own voice. He’s a pretty good actor too I guess (Taxi Driver being a personal choice). If we’re picking favourite songs, according to my iPod its Asleep At The Wheel by Transit (sorry guys they had to get mentioned somewhere) and as resident Argon DJ I make sure we’re always listening to what I (and only I ) think is good.

Blog-Image-2 copy
Anyway I’m taking the pin out of the grenade and throwing it to the lovely girls in production and nominating Rebecca ‘Shoobs’ Burke for the next instalment. Bye for now!