Marketing September 15, 2014

Promotional Products Week – Gav’s favourite promo product!


To celebrate Promotional Products Week, we will be featuring a post each day from one of the CE team discussing their favourite promotional product! Today’s contribution comes from our Group Business Development Director, Gav…

It was a summer’s day in August 1997, I was sat at my desk in a canal side mill in leafy Cheshire and little did I know my life was about to change, everything I knew, everything I believed in, everything I thought I wanted but didn’t need was about to change. I opened my consignment from a UK supplier and inside was a life changing piece of promotional material. I placed my hand inside the package and pulled out a cotton shopper, not just any cotton shopper but a 5oz long handled cotton shopper. “Did it have a gusset I hear you say?” It didn’t need a gusset, it was beautiful just as it was!

I can honestly say I am known as the cotton shopper man here, I would estimate to have sold in the region of 1 to 2 million of these beauties, long handled, short handled – you name it I have sold it. Its a phenomenal cost effective, promotional item and a very good way of getting your brand message across, not lost on your desk or kept in your drawer, but out there for all to see. My love for these bags has no boundaries. I even get to see them printed in-house here at our production facility in Leeds!

I have lived and breathed promotional products for 18 years – How can you get bored or uninspired working in this industry, I seriously would not get the same excitement from doing any other job. Great suppliers, even greater clients coupled with a superb team of industry professionals!


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