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Product Focus: Why packaging counts

Everyone loves promotional products – especially us. Every month we focus on a particular promotional product to show you why we think they’re a great sales tool to boost your brand. We’ve looked at mugs, bags and pens, tech products, sweets, notebooks and bespoke items. This month we’re talking…packaging!

Your product packaging is as important as the product itself.

Packaging is everywhere. It’s used on just about everything we eat, wear, and use in our everyday lives. It also creates the first impression on a potential buyer. So will it be a good one or a bad one?

The role of packaging in marketing has become quite significant as it is one of the ways companies can get their target customers to notice them. However, packaging is often overlooked when it comes to promotional merchandise. Actually, packaging is very important in the promotion of your product and brand! Here’s why:

‘Out of the box’ experience

OOB image

Packaging design can affect the ‘perceived value’ of the product, as well as your brand overall. If you want your audiences to have a high perceived value of your product and brand, don’t send them a cheap promo item in a jiffy bag! “Think about the total customer experience,” says Marketing Manager Hannah. “How do you want them to feel when they open and take the product out of the box? You want them to feel impressed, delighted even!”

Types of packaging

Promotional packaging is all about making your product, marketing campaign or promotional item stand out from the crowd and encourage a purchase decision. Whether this is through a unique shaped box, the innovative design of a mailer or even making your packaging interactive – there are many high quality, and creative, innovative packaging solutions.

“Packaging adds more perceived value to the product; it can also bring a retail feel or give additional print/branding space”, says our Creative Support Executive, Charlotte Mitchie. “There’s a huge variety of types to choose from: gift bags, gift boxes, poly-bagging, backing cards…as well as extras such as foam inserts, tissue paper, shredded paper, stickers and so on. The options are vast!”

What to consider when choosing the right packaging for your product:

  • Colour is influential, and can encourage the purchase decision for a potential customer. For example, green or brown paper packaging is increasingly being used to denote an eco/environmental orientation for a brand.

eco pic

  • Shape can be a strong form of persuasion. For instance, the unique shape of the Coca-Cola contour bottle, gives it immense power to provoke brand recognition:

cc pic

  • Package size is important . Keep it relevant to the product size , but don’t be afraid to have a bigger box for a smaller product, as you can include complementary items inside such as marketing literature and other promo gifts to make the person receiving it feel extra special!

nectar 2 pic


Packaging can differentiate your brand from your competitors, as it can be “bespoke branded with your company names, logos and colour schemes, making the item easily identifiable with your company” says Hannah.


The real ‘purpose’ of product packaging is to protect the product from damage. Simples! It not only protects the product during transit, but it also prevents damage while its sat in a warehouse or on a shelf.

We can offer tons of ideas to help you choose the best promotional packaging option for your next marketing campaign. Maybe we can inspire you? Please get in touch today to discuss your requirements and how we can help you with your promotional merchandise and confectionery. Call us on 08707 500057 or drop us a line by email.

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