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Product Focus: A sweet way to engage your customers

Everyone loves promotional products – especially us. Every month we focus on a particular promotional product to show you why we think they’re a great sales tool to boost your brand. We’ve looked at mugs, bags and pens, tech products and bespoke items. This month we’re discussing something truly delicious…confectionery!

Hands up if you love sweet treats?

Us too! What better way to show your appreciation, gratitude or extend congratulations to your customers, colleagues and staff than with promotional confectionery? From promotional mints, to branded chocolates and lollies, you can make like Willy Wonka and have your customers beating a path to your door in order to get some more of your sweet freebies.

Why confectionery?

Our account director Lesley, and marketing manager Hannah, have both worked on a number of promotional confectionery campaigns for our clients, such as loyalty brand Nectar; and are sharing their thoughts on why confectionery is such as useful tool:

“Confectionery is often underestimated and overlooked when it comes to promotions, as people may think it’s been done too many times before. But – it can be one of the most effective ways to promote your business, and used correctly, can help to establish a business relationship with new clients, or just to say ‘thanks’ to a long-standing customer,” explains Lesley.

Boosts brand awareness

Hannah says “Promotional confectionery gifts do more than show appreciation; they also remind people about your brand. More and more brands are looking at creative ways to increase awareness of their brands using promotional merchandise, and confectionery is one of the most popular and cost-effective ways of doing this”

…plus, it’s Fun

Branded Lollypop Cakes

Branded Lollypop Cakes









“Using confectionery products as part of your marketing and promotional activities is a fun way to boost brand awareness and the memorability factor. This is because everyone loves confectionery – chocolates, fun shapes, sweet and sour flavours – the possibilities are endless”, adds Les.

It’s Bespoke

Image Credit:

Image Credit:













With the ability to customise the design, the flavours and even the colours, confectionery promotional products offer a tremendous amount of brand flexibility to promote your corporate image. You can adapt the packaging style and material to suit your corporate image such as pantone matching your brand colours.

“Tins are a really popular form of product packaging for confectionery which offer a fantastic printing area for your logo and brand messages, such as your strapline and web address. Other options are coloured wrappers, boxes, and jars, all adding a different experience for the customer”, Les explains.

What’s more, you can even get your logo and brand name imprinted into the sweet. A great idea is a love heart sweet with different brand messages embedded in the sweets!

It’s versatile

“Confectionery is suitable for giving out as a promotional tool to just about anyone to promote your brand and business”, says Hannah. “Promotional confectionery products work well for a variety of purposes such as giveaways at events and tradeshows, and are extremely popular as corporate gifts, such as a ‘thank you’ to new and existing customers”.

For example, it will serve equally well given to a large number of passers-by at a street event or to the managing director of a major company. “Few other promotional giveaways – or promotional tools of any kind – rival confectionery in terms of either its effectiveness or the breadth of its reach,” adds Lesley.

Cost Savings

Promotional confectionery is one of the most economical promotional products you can find, due to the volumes available and low price points. You can find a range of products to suit any budget – and they are most cost-effective when bought in bulk and then placed in custom containers.

It’s memorable

Perhaps the greatest benefit of promotional confectionery products is that they are unobtrusive, so people don’t really view them as advertising, which is probably why 97% of recipients keep promotional products they have received, according to research by the BPMA.

Indulging your sweet tooth…

We can offer a variety of promotional confectionery ideas to help you choose the best products for your next marketing campaign or brand strategy. Maybe we can inspire you? Please get in touch today to discuss your requirements and how we can help you with your promotional merchandise and confectionery. Call us on 08707 500057 or drop us a line by email.

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