Marketing June 14, 2013

June Tip: Personalise your Marketing


Our top tip of the month for June is: “Get Personal!” with your marketing and personalise your merchandise.

Coke’s latest ‘Share a Coke’ campaign (pictured above) is their biggest ever campaign & a great example of adding a personal touch to branding and marketing


‘Personalisation’ is not a new term in marketing – in fact it’s been around for a while. Remember receiving direct mailings with your name printed on the front? Or an email newsletter addressed to you personally?

Personalisation can be incorporated into your marketing promotions strategy, in terms of the promotional products you choose to represent your brand. It’s important that your promotional merchandise reflects your brand; as your brand should be synonymous with your target audience. Your products need to connect with your audience on a personal level, and this can be achieved through personalisation and customisation. These days, customers are increasingly used to bespoke, unique services – and this needs to be reflected in your marketing materials and promotional tools.

Not only that, but items can be branded with a person’s name and other relevant details. A great example of this in the University sector. A number of our University clients are now offering the ability to personalise branded clothing to students who are graduating – enabling them to purchase items and clothing, such as a ‘branded hoody’ with the student’s name, graduation year and even class/course name. People are more likely to appreciate and use something with their own name on; and personalised items often have more longevity than those which simply bear the corporate identity of the company, which is simply not enough. Your promotional merchandise needs to create brand engagement, rather than be a cheap ‘throw away’ gimmick.

So next time you’re considering promotional merchandise, really think about your brand and target audience. Sometimes a strategy of ‘less is more’ is what’s needed to get your message across to a clearly defined and segmented audience – as opposed to a ‘mass marketing’ approach, with high volume, low value products that are more likely to be thrown away than remembered! Think about how you can ‘get personal’ with your next campaign to create real brand engagement and return on your investment.

If you like this article, you might want to read The Chartered Institute of Marketing’s ‘The Marketer’ magazine, which offers some great insights and explores how to personalise your marketing campaigns in this article

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Watch out for next month’s tip – all about experiential marketing….

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