Digital Marketing August 6, 2015

It’s big. It’s better. It’s here

We’ve launched the new generation of our revolutionary CO3 online ordering platform: version 2.0 is now here! It comes with all of the benefits of its predecessor, but with sparkling new features – taking your promotional merchandise procurement and marketing campaigns to the next level.

What is CO3?

If you’re not yet using CO3, it’s our bespoke built online ordering system that removes all the pain, administration, and hidden costs out of ordering branded merchandise and clothing (and any third party products). All CO3 systems are built in-house by our digital experts and are available to all our clients.

CO3 2.0 is ready – are you?

It’s been months in the making, with plenty of hard work n’ elbow grease, so we’re absolutely thrilled to announce that the new version of our online ordering platform, CO3, is here – and it’s better than ever!

Designed to offer both new and existing clients an even better online ordering experience, it combines all of the great features you came to expect from the first release of CO3, but with additional features and benefits to provide you with a more streamlined user experience for better end results.

That’s the good news. But what’s the great news?

All existing customers will be upgraded to the new CO3 2.0 at no cost. A free upgrade. Yes, really! It’ll take some time to migrate everyone’s existing sites onto our new platform, so we appreciate your patience at this exciting time. While you’re waiting, check out what CO3 2.0 has to offer…


We love innovation. Not just because we enjoy the latest tech, but because innovation creates prosperity for your business. It’s also essential to stay ahead of the changing landscape of digital technology and follow best practice – what’s new today in web will soon be out of date, so it’s important that CO3 is a robust web platform that moves with technological advancements.

It means that we can grow with our clients, by offering constantly evolving tools to make the web experience more fulfilling for you and your customers: “The future of purchasing is online, so we want to offer the best system possible – we’re investing heavily in this system to provide amazing, effective solutions. CO3 2.0 is a reflection of true innovation – we’re the only company in our sector to provide a truly bespoke online ordering system for our clients” says our marketing manager Hannah who goes on to say that this is “just the beginning” of what you can expect from this flexible system.

Benefits to your business:

  • Save Costs:

CO3 comes as standard with tools to save you money and increase procurement efficiency, such as LINK, our consolidated buying tool. LINK allows increased economies of scale by grouping individual orders so that our clients reap the benefits from bulk buying prices. The system automatically lets users know when an order has been placed, so they can save money!

  • Bespoke functionality:

We’ve developed the software in-house with our team of talented web experts – this is no ‘off the shelf’ product. It also provides the ability to create unlimited users, multiple categories, add unlimited products which is all custom functionality tailored to your exacting requirements.

  • Free Upgrades:

Every time we update the system you’ll benefit from new features and functionality to continue improving the user experience. It’s designed so that any new functionality can simply be ‘plugged in’ to your site when the update is available.

  • Brand Identity Control:

The ‘Look and feel’ of each site is unique to your brand and will follow your brand guidelines precisely to reflect and protect your brand identity. It allows you to control your brand identity at a macro level, which is especially important for organisations with multiple offices/locations , all ordering merchandise. With a centralised online ordering system there is no confusion over branding, no incorrect logos – only the correct branding from one central source to ensure your brand is consistent at every touchpoint.

  • Best practice:

CO3 sites are designed by our experienced web developers who understand best practice in terms of usability and user experience, as well as creating sites that are fully SEO optimised to perform well in search engines for optimum results.

  • Measurement and analysis:

CO3 2.0 comes with an enhanced reporting tool for even better stats for complete buying visibility.

  • Fully e-commerce integrated:

Payments can be taken via the site by credit card, invoice, purchasing card, PayPal and vouchers

  • Completely Flexible

Ability to add products not produced by ourselves to create a one stop portal for all marketing collateral and can be integrated into existing intranets

  • Multi-lingual and Multi-currency sites

For truly worldwide use – ideal for offices with EMEA and APAC locations.

  • Web responsive

All CO3 sites are built with responsive web design (RwD) – fully accessible by PC, Laptop, tablet and mobile phone – no need for a separate mobile site or app – not only saving you money but providing the best possible online user experience with no loss of functionality or aesthetic appeal.

  • Social media plugins

With social media becoming increasingly important, the new CO3 system has an integrated plugin that allows all social media feeds to be instantly displayed on the site as well as sharing buttons on all products for B2C sites.

  • Continuous improvements

We’re working continuously to improve and add to the CO3 system, so you can expect new features added all the time. We’ll let you know each time there has been an update to the features to ensure you receive maximum benefit from your CO3 system.

We’ve worked hard to create a truly bespoke and flexible system for new and existing clients to streamline the procurement of branded merchandise and clothing. If you’re an existing client using CO3, then we can’t wait to upgrade you onto our new system! If you’d like to learn more about how CO3 could benefit your business, then please get in touch with us today and see how we can help you.

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