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Day in the life of…

Wearing lots of hats is what this lady does…and this month we’re shining a spotlight on our multi-tasking Marketing Manager, Hannah.

Us: “Hi Hannah! So, for our blog readers, can you tell us a bit about your role as Marketing Manager?”

HP: “As Marketing Manager, my role is both in-house and client-facing and involves a great deal of ‘project management’. I focus on getting involved in all things marketing related for Creative Emporium as a company, and also for our clients, where I project manage all CO3 online ordering websites from concept to completion, through to the promotion of our clients’ brands through these sites and other marketing collateral. Interestingly, being sat with the Managing Director and the Business Development Director also means I get involved in lots of other work such as new business acquisition by managing and writing tenders. This involves lots of organisation and meeting of deadlines – a skill that I’ve fine-tuned and got pretty good at during my time here!”

Us: “Sounds like you get involved in lots of things! Can you describe a typical day in the CE office – in no more than three words?”

HP: “Busy, Exciting and FUN!”

Us: “What one word would you use to sum-up why you love your job?”

HP: “Variety”

Us: “Can you tell us what has been your biggest marketing challenge to date and how you overcame it?”

HP: “I think every marketing project comes with its own unique challenges to overcome and this is why I love my job – being able to project manage something from start to finish and ensure that the end result is met on time and on budget!

A lot of the project management I get involved with is web related, where I work closely with our digital team to become our clients’ ‘go-to’ person for web projects. Over the past 5 years, this has involved working on over 30 web builds for clients!

One of the most challenging projects was for intu, the shopping centre group, who own and operate 16 shopping centres in the UK. We created a bespoke, industry-leading online ordering solution for them, and developed a bespoke tool that allows the centres to benefit from consolidated (centralised) buying, whilst still operating independently. The tool itself is all a bit ‘top secret’ at the moment – but it’s something I’m really proud of as it took a lot of creative energy and analytical thinking to work out exactly how it needed to function. Like all projects undertaken here, it was also a real collaborative effort with our designer, developer, systems admin manager, the account manager and I to ensure it was a tool the client would really benefit from using. I’m a believer that challenges really push you to use your skills and get the best out of your creative thinking.”

Us: “What has been your favourite promotional campaign or project for a client and why?”

HP: “Nectar’s CO3 online ordering website. We took a basic CO3 site and recommended changes to the site based on research and working with the client that created not just an online ordering system, but a ‘marketing and brand portal’ that housed everything a Nectar partner would need to promote their affiliation with the Nectar brand, such as brand guidelines, relevant brand assets and of course the ability to order dual-branded promotional merchandise, point of sale materials and marketing collateral.

At the time, this included web developments we had never looked at before so it was challenging from a project management aspect to ensure the developers and designers worked together to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing end result.

Visiting Nectar to demo the site to them was a great achievement and something I really enjoy – developing solutions for our clients that make their lives easier. The site launch was supported by a marketing campaign which included a welcome pack full of promo goodies and a welcome guide that detailed how to use the new site. I worked closely with the Account Director, Lesley, on this project – and I always enjoy working with different members of the team!”

Us: “Being a marketer we know you’ll appreciate a great campaign. Can you tell us what is your favourite marketing campaign of all time, and why?”

HP: “I think there have been some really interesting campaigns produced over the past couple of years, but my favourite campaign at the moment is for the Apple watch. As a marketer, Apple is one of those brands that you’re always excited to see what they come up with next and I think with their recent watch TV campaign , they have chosen a real juxtaposition between technology and emotion – demonstrating their incredible technology but with a real ‘human’ element to how they sell the product.

Technology is rarely seen as something that creates an emotional connection between people, but with this advert, they really try to create a connection with their audience from an emotional perspective. It’s this type of ’emotive’ marketing that you strive to emulate as a marketer – it’s both memorable and relatable. With the promo products we recommend to clients, we aim to evoke the same feelings in their target audiences!”

Us: “Tell us your fave 3 promo products and why?”

HP: “I tend to like the weird and wonderful products as they tend to stand out from the rest of the products that end up on my desk! Here are my top 3:

Promotional Tangles

tangleThis is something that I constantly play with – it’s really addictive!! And also quite therapeutic when you’re trying to brainstorm! Everyone that comes to my desk asks what it is so it also shows that the best promo items aren’t always the obvious ones!

Promotional Mugs

promo mugThis is a really obvious one but I think that promo mugs have really improved over the past few years and there are now some really cool print techniques that take an ordinary mug and give it a really premium, retail look. I really like the sand blasted mugs (pictured above) that we produce for clients as they add a real quality to the finished product. We also recently produced some matt finish mugs for one of our clients, a big cosmetics company that looked amazing. I think the branding technique can be just as important as the product in making a really unique and memorable promo item and we are in the fortunate position of being able to offer a lot of these innovative branding methods utilising our in-house production.

Promotional Confectionery

lolipop cakesLike most people, I love confectionery and its a definite perk of the job that we get treats delivered to us on a regular basis! One that stands out is the lollipop cakes that were sent to us a while ago. These mini cakes can be easily customised for any client with different colours, flavours and messages and they taste amazing!”

Us: “In your own words, what do you think makes CE different/unique?”

HP: “For me it’s always been (and always will be) the people. I’m fortunate to work with a team of people that are incredibly passionate about promotional merchandise and more importantly passionate about the clients they look after. We’re dedicated to offering the best service possible and I know I’m not the only one who will reply to emails at 1am in the morning! I truly believe we’re successful because we work so well together as a team and I think this is almost impossible to replicate anywhere else. It’s the late night presentations and finalisation of tenders that bring us all together (as well as the odd night out!). Together, this gives our clients the assurance that someone will always be available to help them with any enquiry they might have. It’s about reliability, passion and personality!”

Complete Branding Solution

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