CSR July 4, 2017

Creative Emporium in Kenya

We want to share with you some of the recent work we’ve been taking part in to provide football kits to young players in Kenya, in collaboration with the Maji Safi (Clear Water) Projects charity and their Leeds based initiative ‘Freedom4girls’, who work to provide clean water and sanitary aid, education and improved living conditions for both urban and rural communities in Kenya.


Football in Kenya

For many young people in deprived areas in Kenya, access to sports and facilities presents a way to gain skills in a potentially life long career and in many cases, find a way out of what can be extremely poor living conditions.

With the founding of the Football Kenya Federation and admission to FIFA in 2007, football in particular has become a way for many young Kenyans to find a career path which doesn’t rely on their parents needing to fund expensive education fees for their children to have a chance at a future.


Our kits  

Maji Safi Projects wrote to us to introduce a new initiative supporting local gyms and football teams in deprived areas who could benefit as a community from access to better equipment and facilities.

The charity requested our help to supply kits for a local team in a poor rural area called Kikambala, around 30km from Mombasa.

We of course were honoured to have been asked to take part in a project to provide football kit to a local team in Kenya who had never had any. We created custom garments for each of the members in their team colours, blue for field players and green for their goalkeeper.

Each kit was personalised with the players name and number, with the aim of bringing each member together and creating unity through a kit tailored to their team’s colours and character.

Check out the Kikambala boys in blue below, before and after they received their new kit!

Africa_lads_1 edit (002)_edited


The team very kindly had a message for our Managing Director Darren Cohen, who oversaw the project:

Check out freedom4girls here: https://freedom4girls.wordpress.com/


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