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bespoke merchandise – why it matters for your brand

Promotional merchandise can be a great way to get your brand and marketing messages in front of your target customers. You can surprise them, delight them and make them smile with your clever but useful products that reflect your brand and become something useful for your customers’ daily lives.

Attracting and retaining target customers is an ongoing process, and unless brands are willing and able to invest in more memorable forms of marketing, their budgets could be being spent in all of the wrong ways. Much research has gone into understanding how promotional merchandise affects the consumer and customer buying decision, with the main finding being that audiences who are repeatedly exposed to a brand are much more likely to remember it.

“One of the best ways of putting your brand in front of your target audiences is to use branded promotional merchandise – because this way, you’re able to find your way to the desks and homes of your target customers. Whether its a USB phone charger, a branded sports bottle, or a simple pen, useful promotional products that remain within sight of audiences have that ‘special something’ that makes them more memorable”

– Lesley Levi, Account Director at Creative Emporium

Bespoke promotional merchandise enables you to create that ‘special something’ ; with products in all different shapes, colours and sizes, to really make an impact with your target customers. But how does bespoke merchandise benefit your brand?

Going beyond a pen with your website address on, what if you could create something that truly reflects your brand and WOW your customers…?

If you’ve ever been given a promotional item, you know how much pleasure people experience when receiving an unexpected gift, which is the goal behind promotional marketing. When you let your customers know you appreciate their business, your company benefits in many different ways. For example, you develop customer loyalty for your brand. Promotional products act as a ‘thank you’ to your customers and clients. Secondly, promotional products offer brand recognition for your products and services. When you give someone a useful gift such as a coffee mug or ipad case, you increase the odds that they’ll use it every day.

Why do bespoke Promotional Products matter for your brand?

The key to ensuring that your brand is remembered has to be in choosing the right promotional product. A gift is tangible and permanent, and when its bespoke, the perceived value is higher. For the extra personal touch, a great way to make an impact with a useful promotional gift is with a customised item that is bespoke to your shape, size, design or colour.

Some options for bespoke customisation include:

  • Pantone colour matching your merchandise in your brand colours. This is a fantastic way to keep your merchandise in line with your brand guidelines; for example a phone case which is colour matched to your company colours.
  • Custom shapes and sizes, such as a completely bespoke USB flash drive or 3D badge in the shape of your logo.
  • Extra print areas – a product being made from scratch allows more scope for different print areas as it can be printed before the item is assembled giving more customisation options to you to really make your promotional merchandise unique.

Ready to get creative?

Doing something a bit different in the form of bespoke merchandise can have a big impact on your marketing – but still be low cost. As well as a variety of off-the-shelf promotional merchandise, such as promotional pens, personalised USB flash drives, and printed bags, at CE, we have lots of experience in helping our customers create custom promotional products that their customers will love. With industry expertise and experience to advise you on the best product for your brand and message, we love coming up with creative solutions to your promotional campaigns. The possibilities are endless, especially when quantities are high – as almost anything can be bespoke made for you!

That special something…

So, why not come to us and start the process for your big idea. Maybe we can inspire you? Please get in touch today to discuss your requirements and how we can help you with your bespoke promotional merchandise and clothing. Call us on 08707 500057 or drop us a line by email.


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