Marketing July 9, 2014

Personalisation in marketing: the benefits


Technology has empowered marketers to personalise messages and communicate with customers on a one-to-one basis, on a scale that is commercially viable. This has driven the dramatic development of direct and email marketing, reshaped how we target and segment markets, stimulated dialogue, brought about a raft of new strategies and challenged the conventional approach to mass marketing and branding techniques.

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 Building customer relationships

Personalisation should be an integral aspect of relationship marketing, especially in business-to-business markets. But, the degree of personalisation will inevitably vary over the duration of your customer life cycle and become more intimate as your customer relationships mature.

So how can you make your customers feel special and reward them with that personal touch?


Personalised branded merchandise is a good place to start. Simply putting your corporate logo on a promotional item doesn’t cut it with today’s savvy customers. Customers want more. Personalisation that goes beyond just greeting someone with their first name in an email is one of the major marketing trends of the last year, and at Creative Emporium, we’re at the forefront of this change with our innovative CO3 system.

With CO3, we can build an effective, bespoke, branded online ordering system and website where your customers can order your branded merchandise from. These online ordering systems are hugely popular with our clients in various sectors, from retail to B2B, but especially in the University sector – such as with our clients London Business School and University of Manchester – where we have helped them launched Graduation websites that sell branded University merchandise such as iPhone covers, Hoodies, iPad covers etc.


Students can upload their own name and photo via their bespoke CO3 website, and purchase one of these items that has been completely personalised for them. This creates long lasting brand awareness and a great memory for your customers (or students) to take away from their experiences with your brand.


Benefits of Personalisation in marketing:

  • It improves customer engagement
  •  It improves the customer experience with your brand
  • It improves customer loyalty and retention
  • It creates long lasting brand awareness

Complete Branding Solution

We’re experts in providing the compete branding solution for our clients, so please get in touch today to discuss your branding requirements and how we can help you ensure that your brand is getting personal with your customers – from your promotional products through to your corporate clothing and website, we can help you. Call us on 08707 500057 or drop us a line by email.

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