Team March 22, 2017


Well hello there, my name’s Jameson (like the whiskey!) and I’m the junior designer/artworker here at Creative Emporium. When I’m not climbing hills, drawing or cooking I can be found hammering away at my keyboard visualising vectors and locating layers.

I¹ve been with this lovely bunch 7 months since moving to Leeds from the gem of the North East that is Teesside (home of locomotion, safety matches and most importantly, the parmo!).

Every day at Creative Emporium has a different and interesting challenge.  My main role as a junior designer/artworker is to help the artwork team with a vast array of tasks. This could include lending a hand to Kris, the King of artwork by making sure jobs are adhering to client’s brand guidelines. I can also be found designing collateral that delivers our client’s message with a visually impactful punch! Recently I’ve been working strenuously on large tenders with Christos, Creative Emporium’s very own Greek god of design!

The challenging aspects of the role will always be juggling jobs and meeting tight deadlines, but that¹s all part of the fun and nothing beats the feeling of seeing your work completed and a happy client.

The best thing about working at Creative Emporium is definitely the people. I’ve made some good friends here in Leeds and I get to work with them!


If I could be any celebrity, it would have to be one of my favourite designers/artists Felipe Pantone, as I’m in awe of the work he produces. Or Tom Hardy because he’s Tom Hardy. My favourite song of all time is a toss up between Baby by Donnie & Joe Emmerson, as it is reminiscent of road trips with friends, or the classic Stand by Me by Ben E King.

I’d like to give a big thanks to Lauren the 3rd for nominating me for A Day in the Life blog post! It’s now time to hand the baton over to the affable Argonaut, Nick!

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