Team May 12, 2017

A day in the life of our coin collector, Rebecca Burke


Hi I’m Becky (or Shoebecca to some).

I am approaching my 1 year work anniversary (presents welcome) as a Production Co-ordinator for Creative Emporium and Argon Promotions.

Day to day I am processing orders for the lovely account execs, and overseeing production of these to ensure that our clients receive high quality products and garments delivered on time. My role involves a lot of interaction with pretty much every department within the business on a daily basis which keeps me busy!

The main challenge of the production role is problems! Spanners in the works can crop up at every turn and this can sometimes mean delays for our clients which we don’t want. So when a problem occurs it is our job to look for solutions which can be tricky, but well worth it in the end when everything is resolved.

My favourite part of the job is receiving positive feedback from clients and hearing how their events were. Good feedback makes us feel fab and makes all the challenges worthwhile. My other favourite part is the people I work with (especially my production pod pals!). Cheesy I know, but everyone is so friendly and supportive and this really makes a difference to the job.

If I could be any celebrity I would be Blake Lively because she’s just amazing. There is also still a part of me who wants to be Lauren Conrad from The Hills (don’t judge).

Picking a favourite song is too hard, so instead I’ll share one of my all-time feel good films which is Click. If you haven’t seen it before beware, it’s a crier.

That’s enough from me, time to hear from somebody else and so I nominate a little lovely from the Uniform department….Ebony it’s your turn.

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