Team February 13, 2017

A day in the life of our wannabe Adele, Lauren Stewart

Hi there! Thank you to Sarah Morgan aka Morgs, aka Cat Lady, aka Lady with the Magic Hair, for putting me up to the blogging challenge!

So here we go….

My name is Lauren – the third Lauren to arrive at CE! It’s all very confusing! I’ve worked with the lovely folk at CE for the last 4 months as an Account Executive, and every day brings a new surprise or challenge to my desk! Whether it is sourcing a brand new piece of technology, or providing a bespoke merchandise item for a one off event – I’m your gal!


I spend the majority of time speaking with lovely clients from BBC and intu amongst others, as well as the suppliers that we use to provide their merchandising requests. Everyone is so friendly and the relationships we build are really special.

The most challenging part of the role is juggling all the different jobs you have happening at the same time. From day to day I could be working on up to 20 jobs with a variety of different clients, and knowing what stage they are all at is a job in itself! But once the order is in and everything is agreed, thankfully the lovely Production girls do the rest of the hard work – Team work makes the dream work!

One of my favourite things about being an Account Executive is coming up with creative and innovative ideas for our clients. When someone comes to you with a brief of “I’m looking for something fun, new and exciting, but doesn’t cost anything”, you know you need your creative cap on to come up with the perfect thing. And 9 times out of 10, our team does!

Time for the random questions….

If you could be a celeb, who would you be and why?

I think I might be Adele – she’s a ginger power house, sings like an angel and parties like a legend. I feel like I’m halfway there…if only I could get the singing part!

What’s your favourite song of all time?

This is a horrible question, there are too many to choose just one! If I had to narrow it down right now, I’d choose one of my all time favourites because it makes me cry every time I hear it – “I’ll See You in My Dreams”, by an old school musician called Joe Brown. He used to headline above the Beatles back in the day!


Thanks for your time and for reading my random gibberings. Have a fabulous fun filled day!

Jameson, while you are my favourite whiskey, you are also my favourite Junior Artworker and design magician – so for that reason, you’re up!

Lauren x


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