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Make your brand Swing

Doing business on the golf course has become an art form all on its own, its become a kind of corporate language where deals are brokered and mergers made.

That’s why as the new golf season approaches we want to make sure you are supporting your clients in this particular area of the corporate lifestyle with the right accessories, clothing and golfing essentials.

Below we’ve picked out some of the key products and methods you can utilise to make our full range of golf merchandise and clothing your personal branding tool, whether you want to offer a completely personalised, high quality corporate gift or a giveaway promotional item.

1. The Essentials:

nullFrom balls to tees, there’s no two ways about it, your golf loving clients need the essentials, why not provide these for them, with your branding to each item.

The essentials will be at the lower budget end of golfing gifts, but in many ways they provide the biggest opportunity to get your brand seen. Each item of our golfing essentials range will be used on course, while you mingle with your clients and your clients mingle with their clients. These products offer some of the highest usability and re-usability of any branded merchandise. Why not choose a selection of essentials and add a presentation box? Creating an incredible corporate gift option.

2. Accessories:

Wtitleist-umbhile it’s important for any golfer to have the essentials, why not provide your client with some of the ‘nice-to-haves’?

So why choose accessories over essentials ?

Accessories are about adding something MORE to your client’s golfing experience. They may already have a favourite brand for tees or balls, but by giving them an extra, you’re ADDING to their golf day out. In addition, sizeable items like our range of golf umbrellas will give you a huge space to brand on.

Your clients receive a great gift and you receive incredible brand awareness. What more could you want from a promotional product?


3. Apparel:

nike-dri-fit-knit-half-zipClothing and other forms of apparel are considered some of the most powerful tools in promotional marketing.

Why? They offer incredible brand mobility. You only have to look to the professional sportswear market to see that global brands clamour to have their logo on sports kit, whether they are a manufacturer or a potential sponsor.

What’s more, with our range offering huge brands like Nike and Adidas, you have a great dual branding opportunity, putting your logo next to that of sportswear market leaders.

Sportswear ensures your brand is seen on and off course. A branded polo-shirt, t-shirt or item of outerwear will be used at a sporting event or during casual play, but also encourages use in a number of other situations, whether your client is an avid gym goer or someone who enjoys wearing leisurewear.


Why not start putting your golf range together today? Contact your Account Manager today on 0113 386 5580 or