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A day in the life of our tenacious traveller, Megan…

Hi! I’m Megan.

After graduating from York St John University with a degree in Primary Education, I taught in schools stretching from Halifax to as far as Thailand. Soon after my travels I joined Creative Emporium where I have worked as a Production Co-ordinator for the past eighteen months.

I started out processing and managing orders to completion for our Creative Emporium and CE Online accounts. However, I have recently moved across to the Uniforms side of the business which is a new challenge for me and I am excited to get stuck in! My role requires me to liaise with pretty much every department, which I enjoy as it keeps me connected throughout the business.

The most challenging aspect of my role is being faced with complications that could potentially affect the delivery of our orders. However, this is a rare occurrence and we have a great team of tenacious ladies who always do their best to find solutions, resulting in happy clients!

Outside of work, I love to travel. My most recent trip was to New York and Costa Rica over Christmas and New Year which was amazing – ¡Pura Vida! You will most likely find me scrolling through Sky Scanner on my lunch breaks or mapping out my next trip. My favourite things are cheese, sunflowers and my beautiful baby, Alan (my cat).

Next up is the Lego man himself, Mr Jake Steels!

Wireless Charging

The future of charging…


The concept itself has been on the fringes of main stream technology for a couple of years now, however it never quite broke the mould in terms of reliability, consumer trust and even design.

Previously there was no direct contact charging, you needed to attach a special case to the back of your phone which communicated with a chargepad. However, with the release of the latest Iphone models wireless has come galloping to the forefront of branded tech products.

The Iphone 8/X are two of the first phones to offer built in wireless charging, this has encouraged designers and manufacturers alike to release a raft of sleek designs and interesting takes on the concept, each competing to make their product the goto item.


ZESC05B00_HR_3DOf course! You simply put your phone down, pick up and go.

Each wireless charger has built in fast-charging, meaning you can grab some juice on the go in record time.

You may also notice a ‘Qi’ logo on our pads. Qi are leading producers of the batteries used in wireless charging, their logo on a wireless product is assurance of its quality, longevity and health and safety.


ZESC07B-A-Stand-charger-Black-IphoneIphone 8/X are at the forefront of championing the wireless cause, but these aren’t the only products on the market offering the option.

Wireless charging is now supported by ASUS, Google, Blackberry, Cat, HTC, LG, Kyocera, Motorola, Nokia and Samsung. With these big brands supporting this kind of charging, we can see wireless bursting onto the market early this year.


ZENS-PuK-Wireless-Charger-IntroducedChargepads improve data security!

Why? Well it’s simple, a chargepad doesn’t directly connect with your phone or tablet like a cable does. That means your items aren’t exposed to malware or other unfriendly types of software that can be uploaded to unlicensed or cheap charging cables.

So, your operating system stays squeaky clean!


zens-single-wireless-charger-black-3d-viewOf course, as branding specialists, this is why we love wireless chargepads, the huge branding spaces they offer.

Chargepads are by nature a little bigger than their cabled companions, this creates an opportunity to take advantage of some huge branding options, with full colour print, plastic covers and debossing available on these already sleek looking products.


2018: The Latest Tech Concepts

Our brand new tech range is out! Don’t forget to contact your Account Manager for our full catalogue…

There was a time when tech products were low in variety and quality and high in cost. The last few years however have seen promotional technology become one of the most competitive, sexy, functional forms of promotional merchandise and corporate gifts.

Offering a range of product types, including branded power banks and Bluetooth speakers, tech has become a product category that can adapt to match any budget limit or specific requirement.

2018 is set to see tech evolve even further, to mark the release of our brand-new range, we’ve picked some of our favourite product trends:

1. Wireless Charging

ZESC02B-Wireless-charger-and-iPhoneHow many of your clients, their children, their children’s children and even their children’s children’s children have received an iPhone 8 or even an iPhone X for Christmas? Now could be a great opportunity to give them a breakthrough branded product that ties in directly with a central part of their life, their phone.

While the idea of wireless charging has been in the works for the past couple of years, companies like Zens have charged to the forefront and released sleek, unobtrusive charge pads that enable you to quite literally put your phone down to charge, pick up and go.

We’ve added these incredible products to our range of tech this year, which means not only can you purchase wireless chargers for your clients but you can add your logo directly onto the pad. What’s more, the Iphone 8 is the very first phone that has built-in wireless charging, so you can show off your brand while also showing your market awareness and on-trend tech expertise.

2. Bespocable 

2211-CC.450x450x1Until Wireless takes off, there’s a 100% chance that you are going to be holding onto to that charger cable. It’s an essential accessory to your smart-phone experience and the experience of every other smart phone user world wide. Why not make it stand out from the crowd?

With our Bespokable Cable…or just the Bespocable as we’ve come to affectionately call it, you can create completely customisable 3-in-1 USB cables in full colour print, personalisable with your own logo to the USB head. These funky charging options will work with just about any smartphone or tablet you can imagine.

We’ll admit, a cable on its own works great as a promotional giveaway item, but may not impress too much as a corporate gift. We recommend combining your custom cable with a branded powerbank from our range.

3. Full Colour Sounds

gillie1Bluetooth speakers have long been a mainstay of branded merchandise, over the past decade they’ve grown to offer a range of size, shapes and household brands that put them well into the premium product category.

2018 is a year for speakers to become more customisable than ever with the Gillie Speaker. Offering powerful sound, high durability and long battery life, the super soft Gillie Speaker is a breakthrough for the branding industry in terms of the options available when it comes to personalisation.

The Gillie is the first speaker on the market to offer full colour print with virtually no limitations. Want something more than just your logo on your speaker? no problem. Utilising the latest print techniques, you could print Salvador Dali’s Metamorphosis of Narcissus to the front of your speaker if you wanted to…though we’re not sure why you would.

4. Long Distance Relationships

SELFIE2For a while back in 2016 the world developed a brief obsession with an item known as the ‘Selfie Stick’. While the product itself was relatively short lived, it’s legacy has lived on and the internet community have been trying to take selfies from further and further away, utilising some rather creative means.

Well we think we have you all beat, with our super slick ‘Selfie Ring’. The Selfie Ring connects via Bluetooth to your phone, and slips comfortably onto your finger, enabling you to set your phone up and take a picture from up to 10 metres away.