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The top 10 marketing trends of 2017

When developing your marketing strategy, it’s always important to stay abreast of trends and developments. What’s new? What’s popular? It can all play a key role in helping to improve your performance and grow your brand.

Here are the top 10 marketing trends for 2017:

1. Mobile video

Mob_vidWith everyone wanting the next ‘viral hit’, video has surged in popularity. This has been aided by platforms such as Facebook, which automatically starts playing a video as you scroll over it on your news feed. In 2015, mobile video views accelerated six times faster than the number of desktop views. In addition to this, by Q4 of 2015, mobile views were the most popular way of engaging with video.

2. Interactive content

int_photoGetting your audience to engage with your content not only helps in spreading your brand message and building loyalty, but it can also help you capture very valuable information about your customers. For example, if you’re offering quizzes or polls, it’s possible to learn how they feel about key issues that could affect the way you market your brand to them. Even something as simple as a quiz about their personality type or where they live can help you understand how to target them and build up a customer profile for your marketing strategy. Ultimately this allows your clients and potential customers to enage with your brand before they have even thougjht about becoming a customer.

3. Promotional merchandise

mason jarsPromotional products are continuing to grow in popularity thanks to their ability to spread your message effectively while also remaining affordable. They’re a key way of sharing your branding with potential customers. Research suggests that, after receiving promotional merchandise, 85% of people will go on to interact or do business with the advertiser. Additionally, it holds longevity as a means of marketing your business – more than half of consumers will keep a promotional product for anything between a year and four years.

4. Influencer marketing

lead_phoWith everyone building their own brand on social media, blogging about their favourite products and experiences, and sharing all this with their ever-growing network, marketing is moving away from the traditional avenues. Rather than focusing solely on reaching magazines and print publications, paying for expensive advertising, brands are now getting influencers to share their products. Not only are they seen as thought leaders, but people who follow them also trust them. They have an intimacy with their audience as though it was a friend recommending a product to them. Typically, influencers will only work with brands that they genuinely believe in, which adds credibility.

5. Virtual reality

augmented-reality-1853592_1920Virtual reality headsets have truly hit the market in recent years, and can now be picked up costing anything from £14.99 (at ALDI), £119 (from Samsung), or £499 (from John Lewis). Given how accessible and popular they are, virtual reality offers a whole new way to share your brand message, and invite people into your ‘world’.

6. Artificial intelligence

gears-1236578_1920Algorithms truly are running the world – a lot more than we realise. They are learning patterns and behaviours that can mathematically compute the best way for a business to react. They predict powerful insights that can be used for analysis and strategy. Through AI you can help to make better, faster and more informed business decisions that will benefit your marketing, e-commerce and product development.

7. Native advertising

dreamcatcher-1030769_1920This is when content relating to your brand is featured by a publication or blogger and resembles standard editorial content but is actually paid for, essentially giving you full control over where your content is seen and who by,  online or offline. This blurs the line between advertising and content, but many people prefer this style of advertising as it feels more authentic, less intrusive and less aggressive. It gives more credibility and approval from the publisher to your brand than just a standard advertisement. It’s less intrusive, can be more informative about your brand, and has better returns than traditional banner or interstitial advertising.

8. Livestreaming

audience-868074_1920Facebook Live has changed the way we look at livestreaming. It has made it far more accessible and recognised than ever before. It’s a great way to connect with audiences in real-time and offers unique interactions and content for your brand. It also helps to show a face to your business, even if that face is an influential blogger or influencer wearing your promotional merchandise and talking about your brand or product.

9. Stories

book-1659717_1920Whether it’s Instagram stories, Snapchat, Facebook stories, they’re essentially all about creating digital stories for your follower that tracks the movements of your brand. This helps to give behind-the-scenes insight to everything you’re doing and make it feel more personal. Customers can connect with you, and feel as though they’re seeing a side to your work that is exclusive.

10. Targeted Data Driven Marketing

custom-2078503_1920With so much data available to us, it is easier than ever to make your marketing more targeted and personalised. Whether this is through adding customer’s names to your e-mails, putting names on products to help market them, or segmenting your audience in your mail-outs to target by age group, gender or geographical location, it’s time to reach people more directly. Customers are bombarded with information from hundreds of brands, so the more you stand out in your communications and connect with them, the better. In addition you gain analytical insight into where your content works and who it is best received by.




A day in the life of our beer-loving-beardy-wanderer, James Shaw


I’m James or Jamie (whichever takes your fancy), Group Marketing Executive and one of the freshest (hairiest) faces at Creative Emporium with a mountainous 2-month stint behind my desk. I’m a half-Irish, former ‘kind-of-cockney’ who has been absorbed by the delights of Yorkshire.



In another life, I studied Chinese-language at the University of Central Lancashire, often called UCLAN (among other things which I won’t repeat). Despite a Chinese major, I have had a passion for marketing since a 3-month internship I undertook in Taichung, Taiwan (臺中), before enrolling in University, which I hoped to eventually centre my career on. After a brief existence in sales, I managed to make the jump straight into the marketing deep end.

Our Group Marketing Manager, Hannah and I are shared between 3 different brands that come under the ‘Infinity Incorporated’ group of companies. The nature of a group wide role means we frequently vault between brands, personas and tones. One moment I can be devising a tactical marketing strategy and the very next nosedive into a brochure expounding the need for moisture wicked fabric on a dry-fit sports top (for the uninitiated, it absorbs your sweat).

While leaping between businesses like a bunch of one legged monkeys fighting over a bucket of marbles is certainly the most challenging part of my role, it’s also the most enjoyable! Keeping everyday varied and constantly facing new challenges means my role could be described as anything but dull. Coming from the decrepit world of Financial Services, where marketing is often stale and feels guided by rails, it’s a bigger plus than the Swis flag to be able to face situations where I get to use my brain and a dash of creativity.

In my own time I’m a lover of food and fine beers, and not so fine ones….in fact just beer in general. I’m always up for a pint and a chinwag, even though my mind (and wallet) is usually telling me no, but my body, my bodyyy is telling me yes. The rest of the time I can be found at the gym where I enjoy training strength to hit PBs and lift big.

I enjoy travel and with a Polish better half, I do a lot of it! We met while I spent around a total of 3 years living in China and Taiwan polishing those language skills to perfection. Travel broadens the mind, and while I’m not a convert, I came back from Taiwan and its heavily Daoist and Buddhist entwined culture with a much healthier view on life.

My secret nerdy passion is an obsessive love of history, I read as much as I can, whenever I can. One of my favourite lesser-known events is the Taiping Rebellion, which sprung up in the 1850s-1860s in central China against the ruling Qing dynasty. Pretty standard, except the whole rebellion and Taiping state were led by a failed local governor named Hong Xiu Quan who found Christianity and started claiming he was the younger brother of Jesus.

Mamas making hotcakes and I’m handing one out to our amazing Account Manager, Emma Killingbeck! You’re next!



Creative Emporium in Kenya

We want to share with you some of the recent work we’ve been taking part in to provide football kits to young players in Kenya, in collaboration with the Maji Safi (Clear Water) Projects charity and their Leeds based initiative ‘Freedom4girls’, who work to provide clean water and sanitary aid, education and improved living conditions for both urban and rural communities in Kenya.


Football in Kenya

For many young people in deprived areas in Kenya, access to sports and facilities presents a way to gain skills in a potentially life long career and in many cases, find a way out of what can be extremely poor living conditions.

With the founding of the Football Kenya Federation and admission to FIFA in 2007, football in particular has become a way for many young Kenyans to find a career path which doesn’t rely on their parents needing to fund expensive education fees for their children to have a chance at a future.


Our kits  

Maji Safi Projects wrote to us to introduce a new initiative supporting local gyms and football teams in deprived areas who could benefit as a community from access to better equipment and facilities.

The charity requested our help to supply kits for a local team in a poor rural area called Kikambala, around 30km from Mombasa.

We of course were honoured to have been asked to take part in a project to provide football kit to a local team in Kenya who had never had any. We created custom garments for each of the members in their team colours, blue for field players and green for their goalkeeper.

Each kit was personalised with the players name and number, with the aim of bringing each member together and creating unity through a kit tailored to their team’s colours and character.

Check out the Kikambala boys in blue below, before and after they received their new kit!

Africa_lads_1 edit (002)_edited


The team very kindly had a message for our Managing Director Darren Cohen, who oversaw the project:

Check out freedom4girls here: