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Social media trends in 2017

Social media changes very quickly as a marketing channel, and marketers need to be aware of popular platforms and shifting strategies. It plays a huge role in business branding, growth and development. Facebook alone has (as of January 2017) over 1,870 million active users with an 18% market share, which is 7% more than WhatsApp. It’s a huge space in which you can reach your community.

Here are the top Social Media platforms for 2017:


lead_phoInstagram remains popular, with 600 million active users in January 2017. For your marketing on Instagram to be effective, it requires high-quality imagery. This can be done through hiring a professional photographer and image stylist, or using a really good camera yourself. Adding a strategic bio link is important given that it is the only website link you can have on your profile. Mixing videos and images can help add diversity to your content, and adding in calls-to-action can drive your potential customers into buying from you or following your brand further.

Using influencers or partnering with other brands to share your message can help you tap into new communities and add endorsements to your product. As with Twitter, it can be important to take advantage of any hashtags that are trending, as this will help your timely posts be found by people searching through topics. Emojis can additionally help to add character to your brand and connections with your audience. If you have any promotional merchandise or promotional products, Instagram can be a great way of sharing images of these. Featuring them regularly can help develop a sense of brand identity.

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augmented-reality-1853592_1920Following Instagram in popularity is Tumblr, which has 550 million active users. First launched in 2007, it doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. Typically businesses within the fashion industry, publishing/broadcast media, or large websites fare best on Tumblr.

While it is predominantly visual, Tumblr has more recently acted as a speakerbox for alternative views and opinions, with it’s extensive, highly-customisable blog offering becoming somewhat of an outlet and gathering place for frustrated groups, or those who often feel that their views are marginalised or wouldn’t be taken seriously in mainstream media.

Tumblr is home to a mixture of artwork, poetry, literature and political voicing, offering a diverse and engaging blogging solution.


gears-1236578_1920The age-old favourite of Twitter comes in behind Tumblr, and has 317 million users. In 2015 it was found that 42% of Twitter’s users follow brands, making it an ideal marketing opportunity for businesses. One way of capturing people’s attention is by posting images with your post on Twitter. If you post from Instagram, these images will just show as links. It is better to post the picture direct to Twitter. This will ensure your tweet gets a good amount of space and attention on people’s news feeds. It’s also important to be strategic with your hashtags and follow relevant individuals and businesses. Additionally, it’s crucial to engage with users and respond to any questions or feedback.

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int_photoA growing Chinese social media application is WeChat, developed by the same company as China’s first Social Media platform,’QQ’. First released in 2011, by 2017 it has become one of the largest standalone messaging services globally. Reaching out to businesses and individuals in China can hold great value for a company looking to expand their outreach.

When looking to make an impact on WeChat, it’s important to be innovative and creative in your content but also invest in quality. Whether it’s videos or photos, the better you can make what you post, the more likely it’ll get shared. It’s also important you use the language that is native to those you’re looking to contact and offer plenty of incentives. Developing loyalty programs can help to convert followers into buyers, and ensure they continue to repeat custom over time, recommending friends and family too.

Along with these key platforms, there are many others to consider including Baidu Tieba, Snapchat, Skype, Sina Weibo, Viber, LINE, Pinterest, YY, LinkedIn, BBM, Telegram Messanger, Vkontakte and Kakaotalk. Whichever you choose, keep in mind that your audience is watching – closely. Make sure you plan carefully and only post your best content.



A Day In The Life of Our Dog Lover, Ebony Burnett

Hiya (in a broad York accent), I am Ebony also known as Ebs or Eboneezer Goode around the town. I have recently turned 23 and have been a member of the Uniforms by Creative team for just over a year and a half now. I studied Sports Marketing at the mighty Leeds Met and pretty much came straight into my role here at Uniforms. A very important point which everyone should know about me is that I absolute love dogs. Obsessed. I will stop mid conversation to look at a dog in the street (kind of strange) and admire its cuteness. However, no dog is as cute as my little puppy Paris. I am a Liverpool FC supporter and have been since I was little. Let’s face it – I can’t rely on supporting York City.

I am the daily point of contact for some of Uniforms largest clients, ensuring they have the best customer service experience possible! This includes dealing with both existing clients and any new sites which might arise, providing sizing expertise, pricing and suggesting a range of options to suit their individual needs. As well as answering any day to day queries and creating presentations for clients, I see all of their orders through from quote stage to the delivery of the order which I find very fulfilling. This role has allowed me to develop a range of different skills. My favourite part of my role is definitely being briefed on new projects, being given full reign to select different garments and branding options for clients, then devising these into a cheeky prezzie! I have to give a huge shout out to the Uniforms team; we are a great team that work so well together providing support and laughter at all times.

The most challenging parts of my role are the issues which occur with orders (as the production girls know, there can be many!), prioritising my workload and ensuring everything is dealt with in a timely manner. Particularly during a roll-out period, this is very difficult. The Uniforms team pride ourselves on excellent customer service so it is imperative we maintain that no matter how busy we are behind the scenes.

My hobbies include playing netball at least twice a week for two different teams in York, playing a fierce GA (basically a striker if you are more football minded), spending time with my cutie pie dog Paris and socialising with a bubbly glass of prosecco. I love travelling (once I get to the place as I suffer from terrible travel sickness). I recently went to Thailand for just over 2 weeks which was a great experience and I would definitely recommend to anyone. My team would say I am a hard-core Robin Cousins fan; I have a love heart shaped frame of him on my desk so I can aspire to be like him on a daily basis. My favourite song (to the annoyance of the Uniforms team) is definitely C’est La Vie by B*Witched. Yes I know, but it gets everyone on their feet and I have no shame!

To our new Marketing Executive, Mr James Shaw – you’re up next!