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A day in the life of our very own cat lady, Sarah Morgan

Hi, I’m Sarah (or Morgs if you like) and I’m originally from the best city on Earth: Newcastle-upon-Tyne. I graduated from Leeds with a degree in Geology but have stayed away from rocks ever since and instead dabbled in retail and eventually settled in my job here at Creative Emporium!

I have worked here as an Account Executive for 5 months and the best part of the company is definitely the amazing and lovely people I get to see 5 days of the week! Everyone is supportive of each others ideas, and so happy to help each other.

My day-to-day involves dealing with both existing and new customer’s requests and enquiries and supplying them with all their merchandise needs. I mainly work on the University of Manchester account, as well as doing bits and bobs for our other lovely clients such as BBC and DPD. I’m passionate about all things environmental, which is something I’ve channelled into my work by putting forward eco-friendly merchandise to my clients whenever possible.

My favourite part of my role is creative brainstorming and coming up with quirky and interesting ideas for clients, rather than the standard merchandise that some people think we’re limited to. Rather than a pencil, how about a pencil that grows into a tomato plant when you’re done? There are endless weird and wonderful promotional merchandise options and I love researching these for clients!

The most challenging part of my role is juggling 100 things in the air at once, but when you manage to pull everything off it is a great feeling and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

My hobbies include swimming, the occasional pub quiz, watching the football, and spending as much time as possible with my cat (I’m a real crazy cat lady). My cat Nelly is spoilt rotten and I spend a lot of my day boring my team with stories of her shenanigans.


If I could be a celebrity I would definitely be Beyoncé for obvious reasons.  I’ve seen her live 4 times and not ashamed to say I’ve cried each time! She’s amazing and I love her.

My nominee for the next Day in the Life blog is my lovely Team 2 partner in crime: Lauren Stewart.