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A day in the life of our leading lady and make-up extraordinaire – Charlotte Hooper

Hi!  I’m Charlotte Hooper or more commonly known Hoops, Chaz, Charlie or Hoopy – (use that one at your own peril!) I have been with CE 3 and a half years – I began my journey as an Account Executive and I progressed up to my current role as Account Manager, where I now look after 12 of our UK and EMEA accounts. I have a lovely team of 3 ladies and gain regular support from my Account Director with any issues that may arise. My main role is to manage my team effectively and ensure we meet the agreed margins and targets, as well as fulfilling client strategies and of course maintaining our close relationship with our key contacts across the various clients.

Although I have gained experience over my 3 and a half years of being with CE, I still come across challenges within my role such as relinquishing control and handing over certain orders to other aspects of the business. So in short – I’m a control freak! One of the most stressful parts of the job is dealing with courier services – they’re extremely difficult at times. I do however, think my problem solving abilities do manage to overcome these challenges more often that not with the help of our amazing production department.


Without question, my favourite aspect of my role is building and maintaining relationships with my clients, getting out of the office to meet new people and being thrown in the deep end and tackling new experiences! I enjoy working on a project from the initial briefing stage, seeing this through to the end and gaining feedback on how the items have been received. I now also love managing a team of people, discovering their goals and ambitions and helping them work towards them any way I can.

I love working at CE as it gives me a chance to work on such a broad range of different types of clients, it has been such a valuable experience. From retail high street brands to corporate entities and sporting manufacturers, I get to deal with all of them!

If I could play music at my desk all day, although I have too many favourite songs to pick only one, anything by Adele or the Dirty Dancing soundtrack would be my winner! If I could be a celebrity I would definitely be Scarlett Johansson or Jennifer Lawrence. They’re both amazingly talented, focused and beautiful and they can both have a good giggle and don’t take themselves too seriously = #girlcrush #lifegoals!!