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‘Woke Up, Fell Out Of Bed, Dragged A Comb Across My Head…’ (A Day in The Life of Abby Briggs)

We think one of the things that make us unique at Creative Emporium is the people. It’s a part of the company that we are really proud of and we have created an infrastructure that not only nurtures our team, but also develops their skills and talents so they can offer our clients exceptional levels of customer service. Each month we will be bringing you a “day in the life” of someone in the CE team. We hope it gives you a small insight into the work our lovely team undertake each day to make your life that little bit easier. We’ve also included a few more personal snippets so you can see why each day at CE is filled with lots of work but also lots of fun!

Hi my name is Abby, I’m 22 and a recent International History and Politics graduate from the University of Leeds. I’m a historical buff at heart with my specialism being in European power politics and the growth of German hegemony from 1871 to 1945. I have worked as an Account Executive at Creative Emporium for just over half a year (where does time go)? I work on The University of Manchester account and my main day to day role is making sure that the employees at the University get the best possible service and making sure their requests are met and carried out quickly and efficiently. My favourite part of the role is the diverse range of people I come into contact with: who knew that there were so many different departments within the University (the Aerospace department being just one). The best thing about working at Creative Emporium is all the great friends that I have met. The most challenging part of my role is not being up and active as much as I have been used to – I’m not used to sitting at my desk for so long every day. There are rumours going round the CE office that we may soon be getting some stand up desk areas so fingers crossed I can soon get to stretch my legs.

If I could be any celebrity in the world I would definitely be Paul McCartney –he was part of the biggest and most influential band in the world; his music has stood the test of time and he continues to be just as popular now as he was in the sixties; he has lived through the best decades for music, fashion and culture as well as being a keen animal rights activist. He’s the ultimate celebrity!

abbyI’m a bit of a Beatles super fan, so my favourite song of all time has to be ‘My Sweet Lord’ by George Harrison. This is the song of my childhood and one of the very first songs I can remember listening to with my mum and dad. I love its simple melody and lyrics and the way every time I listen to it, it just makes me that bit happier.

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