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The Importance of Good Customer Service

How would you define good customer service? Is good customer service being friendly, approachable, knowledgeable? Or is it a mixture of a lot of things? It’s not as easy as you think is it? But as consumers, we all know how important good customer service is. On a trip to New York last year I was given the best shopping experience ever, and it was all down to the customer service at Tommy Hilfiger. Imagine the scene: rows and rows of gorgeous clothes staring longingly at me and my Hilfiger staff card which I was told was not valid in the U.S. I was devastated. How was I supposed to be able to afford this Merino Wool Camel Coat without my fifty percent discount? Then he appeared: my knight in shining Hilfiger armour. He came over and said the five words that changed everything to me, ‘you can use your discount.’ He showed me to the changing rooms and gave me my own personal shopper. I was in heaven.

It didn’t matter that I had come away from that shopping trip with a severely depleted bank balance; the staff in Hilfiger had nailed their customer service tactics. They were the right balance between helpful and approachable but at the same time knew not to overpower me. To me, my experience at Tommy Hilfiger on that balmy summer’s day in New York, was the definition of great customer experience.

Our very own Abby shopping in New York!!

Our very own Abby shopping in New York!!

Within the business world, customer service is seen as a two way street: exceptional customer service can keep a customer loyal and in return this can increase profitability for the company. In a world where we are slowly coming out of the recession, strong customer service can be a business’ greatest tool. Customers in today’s market have such a vast and varied choice, and therefore if the product that you are selling is not the most cost efficient, it is down to the customer service that you provide. Although an American study, the White House Office of Consumer Affairs found that on average loyal customers are worth up to ten times as much as their first purchase and that it is six times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one.

Every part of a business is therefore involved in Customer Service. Providing exceptional customer service is a vital part of managing any business. Having great service is a competitive advantage for all businesses and one that must be taken seriously if a business is to survive in this economic climate.

Fortunately for Creative Emporium, the promotion of excellent customer Service is at the heart of everything we do. This all begins with the dedicated staff that we have for all our accounts. With our linguist lovers on our European/Middle Eastern/Asian accounts to our makeup maestro’s on the Benefit account, we have an enthusiastic and broad ranging team that work closely with their personal accounts giving their customers the best service possible. And these teams are continually growing. Although many businesses believe that cutting costs within a business will help them become more profitable, in many cases this is simply not true. Here at Creative Emporium, instead of cutting back on new staff we have, over the past few months, expanded our teams. Growth of teams only helps to create a more concrete customer service basis. Each of us has more time to get to know our clients, understand their needs and how we can service them, and most importantly make sure they are kept as happy customers. On the job staff training, which begins from the first day of working at Creative Emporium, is the key to our customer service skills. We build product knowledge quickly and learn from working alongside experienced individuals within the company who show us how to truly excel at our job roles.

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