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2016: Going mobile with your marketing strategy

This time of year many companies look ahead and review their strategy for the next 12 months. But is your current marketing strategy working? Is it ‘future fit’? Will you need to adapt it to fit in with the rapid rate of change in the business environment? We’re talking to our marketing manager Hannah Potts, and looking at how to develop a marketing strategy fit for the future – primarily at how mobile will have a massive part to play in marketing and how to use it effectively.

Benefits of mobile marketing

“One of the key benefits of mobile marketing  – and digital marketing generally -” says our marketing manager Hannah, “is our ability to see what’s working and what isn’t and adapt our techniques/tactics accordingly while the campaign is happening.”

But, warns Hannah, like any marketing medium, mobile has key elements which determine its effectiveness. Keep the following in mind when crafting your mobile strategy:

  • Permission: Don’t intrude on people. Instead, invite consumers to engage with your brand so that they’re sure you respect their privacy – and that you won’t spam them.
  • Relevance: With mobile, you can deliver relevant, instant content in response to customer needs at precise moments. So capture their attention at first glance otherwise there is a lost opportunity. 
  • Location: Mobile enables massive reach based on a person’s location. So you can deliver tailored messages and content based on their location.
  • Convenience: Mobile is accessible, keeps things simple and direct, and provides immediate solutions to consumers so that you can meet them at whatever stage of the buying cycle they’re in.

Setting objectives for mobile marketing

What’s the best way of meeting the needs/solving the problems of your customers? “Before you create a strategy, you need to set objectives to act as yardsticks upon which to measure success” advises Hannah. Think about these objectives – do you want to:

  • Increase sales?
  • Add value to your product/service?
  • Develop customer relationships?
  • Increase awareness?


What makes an effective mobile marketing strategy?

“Your strategy should focus on working out how to use mobile to deliver the solution to your customers’ needs at the exact moment that they need it”, explains Hannah. So you need to consider the following:

The right message

“Your customers need to feel that they are getting something that others aren’t when you approach them with an SMS. There needs to be a clear benefit that fulfils their need/solves their problem. And don’t forget the timing – ask yourself if you would be interested in receiving and taking action on the SMS yourself? If the answer is yes, you’re very likely to enjoy a great response rate! Also give clear instructions for customers to opt-out from future communications such as replying ‘STOP’”

 The right call-to-action(CTA)

“Always add a call-to-action. You can use SMS keywords to have people reply to the message  such as ‘Call’, ‘Click’, ‘See’, ‘Reply’, ‘Enter’ – or you can guide them to your social media sites, or a mobile optimised site”

The right measures of success (KPIs)

“Your call-to-action should also be measurable. Use trackable metrics such as: delivery rates and opt-out ratios, which can be measured through your SMS sending service – and if the CTA links to Facebook for example, then click-throughs and ‘likes’ are measured through Facebook, too”

Complete Branding Solution

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Day in the life of…

This month, our spotlight is on Charlotte a.k.a “Mitchie”, who is talking creative thinking, watching movies and promotional pretzels….

Us: “Hi Mitchie! In a nutshell, can you tell us a bit about your role as Creative Support Exec?

 MITCHIE: “I’ve been here just over a year working as an account executive. I’ve recently taken on a new role which is still very much ‘finding its feet’ (!) but having established myself as ‘creative thinker’ and a human encyclopedia of weird and wonderful products, I now provide creative support across all sales teams on larger and more creative projects.”

Us: “What three words would you use to sum-up a typical day in the CE office?”

MITCHIE: “Unique….Interesting….Challenging!”

 Us: “And what one word would you use to describe why you love your job?”

 MITCHIE: “Creative”

Us: “Can you tell us what has been your biggest creative challenge to date and how you overcame it?”

MITCHIE: “The greatest challenge so far has to be creating a new signature giveaway for one of our retail clients.  The client wanted a confectionary product which could be colourful, hold a motivational shopping message, taste good and be incredibly cost effective for them to buy in bulk.  Trying to find a quality product at a low price point is somewhat challenging; but after a lot of hard work from all involved, we found the perfect…….pretzel!”

silver-package orange-package

Us: “What has been your favourite promotional campaign or project for a client and why?”

MITCHIE: “The Beano Lanyard!! One of our biggest retail clients came to us with a brief to create a product which would excite children, bring shoppers back to the centres, follow brand guidelines and be cost effective to purchase. The final product was a bespoke Beano activity booklet on a full colour printed lanyard that children could wear round their neck with 8 collectable character badges which could given out at different events across the campaign.”

 Us: “Tell us your fave 3 promo products and why?”:


Bespoke Shopper –Bold and Beautiful


Bespoke Plastics – Completely unique


Packaging – The icing on the cake


 intu_Bag  IMG_1358  IMG_1357

Us: “In your own words, what do you think makes CE different/unique?”

 MITCHIE: “Creative thinking – as a company we always try to offer the most creative and innovative branding solution to our clients.  With a dedicated art and design team and now my additional creative support role, we strive to create merchandise which resonates with the client and their audiences both in terms of products and artwork concepts suggested.”

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Product Focus: Take note with a branded note book


Everyone loves promotional products – especially us. Every month we focus on a particular promotional product to show you why we think they’re a great sales tool to boost your brand. We’ve looked at mugs, bags and pens, tech products sweets and bespoke items. This month we’re talking…Note Books!

Ah the humble note book, a loyal accompaniment to the office meeting where you roughly scramble together every word that’s spoken; trusted companion to the budding artist drawing his latest sketches, or the creative writer bursting with her latest novel ideas. Despite living in a world where digital technology dominates, there is nothing quite like taking pen to paper. After all, they were made for each other…

For thousands of years, we have been writing things down – and note books can be used for so many things; from jotting down personal thoughts and observations, to-do lists, life goals, to project or product ideas. For those of us who do use a notebook regularly, whether for personal or business use – it can be relaxing and motivating to let your mind go and put pen to paper and see what comes out.

So what makes the humble notebook so great?

They’re versatile


As a promotional tool, a notebook makes a great gift – because it’s tactile, and can be personalised to suit your target audience and your brand messaging. Some have thicker paper, more pages, less pages, different dimensions, and different properties. There are notebooks with everything from normal paper to synthetic resin-based papers that will stand up to incredible usage!

There is something for every budget


With a wide range of sizes and styles, you can easily customise the product; for example, try using a hardback or a wiro-bound style. Depending on the nature of your promotion or campaign, there is something for all needs and budgets. Flip pads are a great low-cost option for the budget conscious marketer, and make a great giveaway at events or tradeshows. Leather-bound notebooks such as the popular moleskine (pictured above), exude premium luxury and are perfect as a thank-you gift for your customers.

They’re customisable


Notebooks can be completely customised with different branding techniques, such as digital printing to suit a lower budget; to screen printing, foil blocking/stamping, and 3D embossing – all of which give a completely unique look and feel and different perceived value; with the latter options being more premium.

There is also the option for extra prints – e.g. printing extra or ‘special’ pages with key messaging/imagery, in addition to adding extra features such as a free pen, with the item.

So, whether you’re looking for simple notepads for a business conference or trade fair, or something with that extra special something for a great customer gift – there are so many fun, creative notebook products that will ensure your brand is seen by your target audience, every day.

We can offer tons of ideas to help you choose the best notebook product for your next marketing campaign. Maybe we can inspire you? Please get in touch today to discuss your requirements and how we can help you with your promotional merchandise and confectionery. Call us on 08707 500057 or drop us a line by email.



8 of the best FREE digital marketing tools and resources


Let’s face it: marketing budgets are tight, but you still want to produce stunning digital marketing content, streamline how you manage your campaigns and generally make life easier for yourself. That’s why, for every ‘hands on’ marketer and business owner out there, we’ve put together a round-up of useful websites, tools, software and resources that are free, to help you undertake your digital marketing effectively.

1. Hootsuite


Social media management, scheduling and distribution is made easy with Hootsuite, which allows you to add up to 3 different social media accounts in the free version. You can manage them all in one central dashboard, post updates, schedule updates and ‘listen’ to what people are saying about your brand on social media. It also offers a paid upgrade to track campaigns and provide full analytical reports – but the free tool is arguably one of the best resources out there in our opinion!

2. Canva


A big personal fav, Canva is the amateur designer’s dream! It’s aimed at beginners and professional ‘designers’ alike, and brings much-needed simplicity to creating stunning visual content for presentations, ebooks, emails, flyers, brochures, posters, blogs, social media and more! You can even create a logo with the software, with its choice of over 140 free fonts and different templates/sizes, plus over 1 million stock photos, illustrations and graphics. It has a simple ‘drag and drop’ design tool, meaning it’s super easy if you have zero design experience, and you can edit, enhance and design professional images at the click of a button.

3. Pagemodo


With pagemodo you can create and schedule social media posts, create visual graphics for blog imagery, design a custom facebook tab, design twitter headers, create contests and more! It’s super easy to join, just sign up with your facebook account and hey presto you’re in and can start designing in a few clicks. With its extensive library of templates and stock photos, the options are vast and you’re able to create beautifully presented graphics within minutes.

4. Piktochart


With Piktochart, there is no need to hire a professional designer to create an infographic – you become the designer with this awesome free tool! It’s an easy to use infographic creator that boasts over 500 hundred different design templates – from infographics to banners, reports and presentations; where you can simply drag and drop your content, edit and enhance the graphics, input imagery and boom – your graphic is created and ready to share across your site and social media platforms!

5. Powtoon


Motion graphics videos or animated explainer videos are so hot right now – especially since online users love video content, which is great for SEO. But, it can be incredibly expensive when produced by an external agency or designer. Powtoon has made it easy for novice designers to put together professional presentations and videos, with a selection of colourful and professional templates to choose from. It can take a while to get the hang of editing your video, but you’ll be super impressed with the finished article!

6. Buzzsumo


All hail Buzzsumo! The content marketer’s dream, this fantastic tool tells you how content performs online and breaks down that performance by multiple metrics across domains, keywords or topics. So it helps you create, optimise and promote your content – more effectively. You can use it to research topics relevant to your brand, research competitors’ content and generate your own content ideas by understanding what sort of content is popular – and will thus drive traffic back to your site!

Use Buzzsumo to:
• Learn what is working well in your industry
• Learn what your competitors are doing well
• Learn what social networks are best for you to target

7. Mailchimp


Mailchimp is undoubtedly one of, if not the most popular free email marketing tool on the market today. It’s free if you have 2000 or less subscribers, any more than this and you’ll need to join a paid plan which is still relatively reasonable price-wise. What’s so great is that it’s extremely user friendly, has lots of templates, a simple drag and drop editor and really easy to understand reports. It also integrates with twitter, facebook and google analytics.

8. Unsplash


Stock photography is pricey stuff. In this digital age, we need regular imagery for our online content – blogs, websites, and social media and so on. Splashing out on pricey stock imagery is probably out of the question for most businesses – especially those with a small or none existent marketing budget! ‘Unsplash’ is a website that boasts one of the best collections of free high-resolution photos and stock images. They release 10 new photos every 10 days under the creative commons public domain license so you can use them for work or personal use.

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We’re experts in providing the complete branding solution for our clients, so please get in touch today to discuss your requirements and how we can help you with your branded merchandise and clothing. Call us on 08707 500057 or drop us a line by email.