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3 ways to grow through new and existing customers

It’s often the case that customer loyalty isn’t prioritised – you’ve got customers, and so you just want to find lots more new ones, right?! Wrong! Companies can be so focused on winning new business; it’s easy to forget the value of your existing customers. But if you make customer loyalty a priority, you’ll quickly see the benefits – because it costs a lot more to find new customers than to serve your existing ones as well.

Whilst researching this topic, we discovered that around 63% of companies don’t know who their ‘high value customers’ are, and how many of them they have lost or why they leave. Worse still, 65% of companies don’t even bother to thank new customers! “When you understand which existing customers are profitable, you can then establish what characteristics these customers have – so you can set out to find more like them, and grow your business!” says our MD Darren. But you do need to put in a little work to gather these insights…

1. The 80/20 rule

Understanding who your top customers are is important, because you can identify what makes them so great and use this for targeting new customers with similar characteristics. The 80/20 rule is a popular bit of business jargon, whereby your best 20% of customers deliver 80% of your profits. Be honest with us – do you really know your customers that well? Do you know how frequently or recently they buy from your business?

It can be difficult keeping up with customer habits, but knowing who are the largest and most profitable customers to your business helps in lots of ways such as:

  • You can make sure you’re really looking after them and making them happy
  • You can understand what it is about them that makes them profitable
  • You can use this insight to find and nurture other customers just like them
  • You can then gradually start to increase the number of profitable customers and reduce less profitable ones

2. Gather insight

“To build the necessary insight into this crucial group of customers, analyse specific areas of your marketing activity” says our Business Development Director, Gavin. He suggests looking at your:

  • Sales per customer
  • Profitability of customer accounts
  • Sales (and margins) of products or services

3. Understand customer habits

“Once you’ve looked over your data you may see patterns emerging, such as what distinguishes your high value customers from low value customers, seasonal buying patterns, average spend and so on”, says Gavin.

You can then use questions to create a strategy that focuses on your highest spending group. Here are some examples:

  • Are they advocates for your brand? For example, do they use word-of-mouth? Should you incentivise them to buy?
  • What is their buying behaviour? For example, how long have they been buying from you? When do they buy? How do they buy? (in store, online, through distributors etc)
  • How do you track their spend?
  • What products/services do they buy? Is there an opportunity for you to cross sell or upsell other services and products?
  • How much profit do they generate for you over a given time period (for example a year)?
  • What are you doing to keep them loyal?

It’s really important to understand your existing customers well and find out who your best customers are, so that when you do set out to find new customers, you can be more focused with the type of customer you want to attract, concludes our Marketing Manager Hannah, who says that “This more targeted approach will make your marketing communications activity much easier to plan and implement, as you’ll have a much clearer target audience in mind – which in turn makes marketing activity more effective and likely to convert prospects into new customers”.

And finally, don’t forget to think about what to do if your existing customers reduce their spend or decide to leave you all together. You need to have a constant dialogue and customer satisfaction feedback progress to track how happy your customers are, and to rectify any problems if they arise!

Complete Branding Solution

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Product Focus: All about Tech

Everyone loves promotional products – especially us. Every month we focus on a particular promotional product to show you why we think they’re a great sales tool to boost your brand. We’ve looked at mugs, bags and pens, and this month we’re discussing our fave TECH promo products…

We love gadgets and gizmos, and so do consumers. Why? Because tech products make our lives easier! They help us to multi task and do things faster. A great way to really connect with your audience and catch their attention is by using promotional merchandise with a tech focus.

“From USBs to power banks and charging stations, to imprinted iPad cases and logo selfie sticks, tech promotional products have a great ability to increase the power of your campaign or promotion”, says Marketing Manager Hannah. “For example, if you’re offering giveaways at your exhibition stand, visitors are more likely to come to your stand if you’re offering something useful and valuable. Tech products have a high perceived value and are more likely to be used regularly, meaning you get lasting brand awareness and stick in your customers’ memories for longer”.

Promo products with SWAG

Tech products are cool, confident and guaranteed to make a lasting impression on your target audiences. You can use these funky promotional gifts as marketing tools for trade shows and conferences, thank you gifts for customers, corporate merchandise, gifts with purchase etc – the possibilities are endless. We keep up with the latest trends and newest releases in tech promo products, and we’ve picked out some of our fave items, which are all completely customisable with your company logo, messages and colours.

USB flash drives

USB flash drive

USB flash drives are a popular and stylish business gift. These universally compatible, portable memory sticks are one of the most practical giveaway items that can really boost any marketing campaign.

USB Travel Chargers – “Black Box”

black box

This is an example Black Box which is a world travel charger with dual USB output ports to charge 2 devices at the same time. Easy to carry along, it is the best travel partner you could wish for!

Activity tracker

activity tracker

Great for health, fitness and leisure sectors, as well as retail and corporate, these water resistant activity bands are worn around the wrist with an OLED display. These handy gadgets allow the user to monitor activity levels and overall lifestyle, with features to track, monitor and set goals for steps, activity, speed, sleep patterns, as well as a UV rays alarm and vibrating alarm with incoming messages!

Elegant Powerbanks

pwoer banks

Where tech meets style! Powerbanks are portable usb charging devices that are usually small cylindrical shapes, but this is the posh cousin of the powerbank! The elegant powerbank pictured above, has an executive look and feel, giving a premium touch to your brand with a leather style finish, ideal for embossing or for luxury finishes.

Portable Speakers

portable speakers

These volcano Metal Travel Speakers are perfect for people on the go and deliver great sound (3W) with an elegant style. There is also a good branding area for engraving or printing!

Branded headphones


Super slick and stylish, branded headphones are so hot right now! They provide great sound, with smart aesthetics and are guaranteed to help promote your brand with a fantastic print area.

Branded Selfie Remote

selfie remote


The world has officially gone selfie mad, so why not pop your logo on some remote control selfies to use for your next event or promotion? This bluetooth remote control helps people take hassle free, flawless “selfie’s” and other photos with their smart phone. You’ll have people queueing up to get their hands on one of these bad boys! They’re super portable so great for popping in a gift bag with other items.

We can source anything! And we mean, anything!

We have excellent supplier relationships and a huge network of preferred suppliers and manufacturers who we’ve worked with for many years. So whether you’re looking for imprinted tech gadgets for promotional giveaways or for corporate events we can source thousands of unique tech themed promo items, such as custom printed power sticks and power chargers, imprinted iPad sleeves and computer cases and bags, logo selfie sticks, Bluetooth speakers, branded stylus pens and laser pointers, USB flash drives in custom shapes, imprinted headphones and ear buds and other promotional items that people will be excited to use and keep! If you want it, we can source it for you!

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Day in the life of…

Wearing lots of hats is what this lady does…and this month we’re shining a spotlight on our multi-tasking Marketing Manager, Hannah.

Us: “Hi Hannah! So, for our blog readers, can you tell us a bit about your role as Marketing Manager?”

HP: “As Marketing Manager, my role is both in-house and client-facing and involves a great deal of ‘project management’. I focus on getting involved in all things marketing related for Creative Emporium as a company, and also for our clients, where I project manage all CO3 online ordering websites from concept to completion, through to the promotion of our clients’ brands through these sites and other marketing collateral. Interestingly, being sat with the Managing Director and the Business Development Director also means I get involved in lots of other work such as new business acquisition by managing and writing tenders. This involves lots of organisation and meeting of deadlines – a skill that I’ve fine-tuned and got pretty good at during my time here!”

Us: “Sounds like you get involved in lots of things! Can you describe a typical day in the CE office – in no more than three words?”

HP: “Busy, Exciting and FUN!”

Us: “What one word would you use to sum-up why you love your job?”

HP: “Variety”

Us: “Can you tell us what has been your biggest marketing challenge to date and how you overcame it?”

HP: “I think every marketing project comes with its own unique challenges to overcome and this is why I love my job – being able to project manage something from start to finish and ensure that the end result is met on time and on budget!

A lot of the project management I get involved with is web related, where I work closely with our digital team to become our clients’ ‘go-to’ person for web projects. Over the past 5 years, this has involved working on over 30 web builds for clients!

One of the most challenging projects was for intu, the shopping centre group, who own and operate 16 shopping centres in the UK. We created a bespoke, industry-leading online ordering solution for them, and developed a bespoke tool that allows the centres to benefit from consolidated (centralised) buying, whilst still operating independently. The tool itself is all a bit ‘top secret’ at the moment – but it’s something I’m really proud of as it took a lot of creative energy and analytical thinking to work out exactly how it needed to function. Like all projects undertaken here, it was also a real collaborative effort with our designer, developer, systems admin manager, the account manager and I to ensure it was a tool the client would really benefit from using. I’m a believer that challenges really push you to use your skills and get the best out of your creative thinking.”

Us: “What has been your favourite promotional campaign or project for a client and why?”

HP: “Nectar’s CO3 online ordering website. We took a basic CO3 site and recommended changes to the site based on research and working with the client that created not just an online ordering system, but a ‘marketing and brand portal’ that housed everything a Nectar partner would need to promote their affiliation with the Nectar brand, such as brand guidelines, relevant brand assets and of course the ability to order dual-branded promotional merchandise, point of sale materials and marketing collateral.

At the time, this included web developments we had never looked at before so it was challenging from a project management aspect to ensure the developers and designers worked together to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing end result.

Visiting Nectar to demo the site to them was a great achievement and something I really enjoy – developing solutions for our clients that make their lives easier. The site launch was supported by a marketing campaign which included a welcome pack full of promo goodies and a welcome guide that detailed how to use the new site. I worked closely with the Account Director, Lesley, on this project – and I always enjoy working with different members of the team!”

Us: “Being a marketer we know you’ll appreciate a great campaign. Can you tell us what is your favourite marketing campaign of all time, and why?”

HP: “I think there have been some really interesting campaigns produced over the past couple of years, but my favourite campaign at the moment is for the Apple watch. As a marketer, Apple is one of those brands that you’re always excited to see what they come up with next and I think with their recent watch TV campaign , they have chosen a real juxtaposition between technology and emotion – demonstrating their incredible technology but with a real ‘human’ element to how they sell the product.

Technology is rarely seen as something that creates an emotional connection between people, but with this advert, they really try to create a connection with their audience from an emotional perspective. It’s this type of ’emotive’ marketing that you strive to emulate as a marketer – it’s both memorable and relatable. With the promo products we recommend to clients, we aim to evoke the same feelings in their target audiences!”

Us: “Tell us your fave 3 promo products and why?”

HP: “I tend to like the weird and wonderful products as they tend to stand out from the rest of the products that end up on my desk! Here are my top 3:

Promotional Tangles

tangleThis is something that I constantly play with – it’s really addictive!! And also quite therapeutic when you’re trying to brainstorm! Everyone that comes to my desk asks what it is so it also shows that the best promo items aren’t always the obvious ones!

Promotional Mugs

promo mugThis is a really obvious one but I think that promo mugs have really improved over the past few years and there are now some really cool print techniques that take an ordinary mug and give it a really premium, retail look. I really like the sand blasted mugs (pictured above) that we produce for clients as they add a real quality to the finished product. We also recently produced some matt finish mugs for one of our clients, a big cosmetics company that looked amazing. I think the branding technique can be just as important as the product in making a really unique and memorable promo item and we are in the fortunate position of being able to offer a lot of these innovative branding methods utilising our in-house production.

Promotional Confectionery

lolipop cakesLike most people, I love confectionery and its a definite perk of the job that we get treats delivered to us on a regular basis! One that stands out is the lollipop cakes that were sent to us a while ago. These mini cakes can be easily customised for any client with different colours, flavours and messages and they taste amazing!”

Us: “In your own words, what do you think makes CE different/unique?”

HP: “For me it’s always been (and always will be) the people. I’m fortunate to work with a team of people that are incredibly passionate about promotional merchandise and more importantly passionate about the clients they look after. We’re dedicated to offering the best service possible and I know I’m not the only one who will reply to emails at 1am in the morning! I truly believe we’re successful because we work so well together as a team and I think this is almost impossible to replicate anywhere else. It’s the late night presentations and finalisation of tenders that bring us all together (as well as the odd night out!). Together, this gives our clients the assurance that someone will always be available to help them with any enquiry they might have. It’s about reliability, passion and personality!”

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New on-line ordering solution for Newcastle City Council and Your Homes Newcastle

When local authority Newcastle City Council contracted with us, they were seeking a new uniform range as part of their partnership with Your Homes Newcastle, the company responsible for managing their Council homes on behalf of the Council. They required a uniform range that was ‘dual-branded’, with both the company logo and the Newcastle City Council branding that was stylish and fit for a range of purposes and wearers – from housing management personnel through to the concierge team, warehousing and gardening services staff.

Our solution:

We wanted to create an easily accessible way for all stakeholders within both organisations to view the complete range of clothing and, order on-line through a central portal. We designed a bespoke and easy-to-use CO3 online ordering system which resolved their key requirements whilst providing a suite of additional features such as:

  • Order approval process: users can place orders and/or save baskets which they then “send for approval”
  • Controlled purchasing: all order approvals go to one main ‘order approver’ per department, helping to control costs – and in many cases, reduce them
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Transparent reporting on all purchases made; which is also beneficial for auditing purposes
  • Bespoke functionality: all custom features are provided without extra or hidden costs to the clientexplore the range

Hannah Potts, project manager for all CO3 website builds added “This is the first site to be built on our newest version of CO3 – CO3 2.0. It takes advantage of best practices in web development such as responsive design, whilst also being completely bespoke for our client, Newcastle City Council. As project manager it’s my job to ensure all CO3 systems are built within an agreed time frame as well as offering the features and functionality that the client requires. Controlled purchasing was key in this project, due to the numerous stakeholders involved from Your Homes Newcastle, our focus was to create a single, easy to use system that removes complexity and allows for centralised brand and purchasing control, without limiting choice for the department/person who requires a particular uniform”.

The client’s feedback

David Bell, Procurement Officer at Your Homes Newcastle says the company and the council are delighted with the finished result:

“One of the reasons why we chose to work with Creative Emporium was their technical capabilities with ‘web’. They proposed an on-line ordering system that we knew would streamline the uniform ordering process as well as offering cost efficiencies and, provide us with greater control from a purchasing perspective – aspects that were of vital importance to our Organisation. The whole website process, from design through to build, has been clearly communicated to us at each stage, identifying clear timescales and updates throughout. We have found that the finished website is easy to use from a customer perspective and, will provide us with important analytical information from a reporting point of view. I have no hesitation in recommending Creative Emporium to any company (both private and public), who are looking for a website that not only looks great, but offers amazing functionality and an overall fantastic customer experience.”

What is CO3?

If you’re not yet using CO3, it’s our bespoke built online ordering system that removes all the pain, administration, and hidden costs out of ordering branded merchandise and clothing (and any third party products). All CO3 systems are built in-house by our digital experts and are available to all our clients..

Complete Branding Solution

We’re experts in providing the complete branding solution for our clients, so please get in touch today to discuss your requirements and how we can help you with your branded merchandise and clothing. Call us on 08707 500057 or drop us a line by email.

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Knowledge Corner: How Google’s Mobile Friendly Update Will Impact You

The ‘Google Mobile Friendly Ranking Algorithm’ – also known as ‘Mobilegeddon’ – is the most recent of many updates Google has run in the past few years. (Remember Penguin and Panda?) Released on 21st April 2015, this time around, instead of focusing on filtering out sites with poor quality links or content, like the previous updates, this new mobile algorithm is said to impact way more sites than its predecessors. So what does this mean for your website?

Is your website mobile-friendly?

A page is “mobile-friendly” if it meets the following criteria as detected by Googlebot (Google’s web-crawling search-bot software):

  • Avoids software that is not common on mobile devices, like Flash
  • Uses text that is readable without zooming
  • Sizes content to the screen so users do not have to scroll horizontally or zoom
  • Places links far enough apart so that the correct one can be easily tapped


A site can be tested almost instantly,

via Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test, to check if it is mobile-friendly.

If you’re not responsive – you need to be

The new algorithm is designed to reward mobile-friendly web pages, so if your site is not optimised for mobile and is not responsive – then you’re heading for trouble, and will be penalised. This means you’ll see your site drop significantly in Google’s organic search rankings or worst still, drop off the radar all together!

Google is pushing to improve user experience by raising the bar on mobile and its mobile friendly update will potentially give a ranking boost to mobile-friendly pages in Google’s mobile search results”, says Marketing Manager Hannah Potts. But she warns: “If your site isn’t mobile friendly, and you have lots of competitors with mobile friendly sites, then you could expect steep drops in organic search performance on mobile devices.”

What is Responsive design?

It is important to factor it in to your site! Also referred to as ‘RWD’ in the web world, it’s become an essential part of web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience — basically, easy reading and navigation without having to res-size, pan or scroll —across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones and tablet devices).

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Yes, you should act on these developments, but the best thing you can do is not panic and make any knee-jerk decisions.

Quick fixes

  • Create a new mobile-friendly homepage
  • Point to a mobile app

Whilst this is an effective short-term solution”, says Hannah “over the longer term you need to decide whether to make your existing design work in line with the changes, or use it as an opportunity to refresh your website.

Be Responsive from the start

The best mobile implementation is generally considered to be a responsive site. But it is possible to create a separate mobile site that will work for Google as well, provided you stick to best practice when it comes to structuring the mobile site. However, our advice is to ensure your website is responsive – because a website and an app offer different things to different users and should be considered as part of your wider business and marketing strategy – and budgeted for.

A website is a perfect shop window; it’s an informative and educational tool about your brand and what you offer. A responsive website helps kill two birds with the same stone: you get the attention of the customers browsing on their desktop, as well as those who are browsing or researching about your products on the go – using a smart phone or tablet.

Building a responsive website should be the natural choice to inform your target audience about your brand, but a mobile app comes in handy when you want to further engage your prospective and existing customers” says Hannah. Perhaps something you can’t do on your website you could create as a mobile app to engage and entertain people? Many brands build specific mobile apps and games for this purpose but don’t completely replace their website with a mobile app.

CO3 responsive technology

At Creative Emporium, all of the websites that we build in-house as part of our innovative CO3 online ordering solution are built using responsive technology. This is not an add-on or an upgrade – it comes as standard as part of the build. This is because we believe in best practice and ensuring our clients’ websites perform. To find out more about CO3 and if an online ordering system could benefit your business for the procurement and storage of promotional merchandise and branded clothing, then get in touch today.

Complete Branding Solution

We’re experts in providing the complete branding solution for our clients, so please get in touch today to discuss your requirements and how we can help you with your branded merchandise and clothing. Call us on 08707 500057 or drop us a line by email.

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Adding value through promotional activity

We get it, we really do. Your business is under a lot of pressure to stand out in an ever-changing competitive landscape. You’re up against challenges such as expanding competition and lagging customer loyalty. What you want to do is maintain your competitive edge by competing on value instead of price. This is where promotional activity can help. But instead of short-term tactics such as discounting to attract more sales, how can you add value without having to cut prices (and profits?)

One of promotional marketing’s primary roles is to add value to your customers’ purchase, to give them that one additional reason (the ‘hook’) to buy your brand over your rivals. As a customer yourself, just think about the fun you experience in trying to win a prize in a competition, the anticipation of winning that free gift, or that warm n’ fuzzy feeling you get, knowing that your purchase is helping a charity. These are great examples of brands using different techniques to encourage you to purchase from them.

Alas – whilst these are all great ways to ‘hook’ people in to buying your brand, they are by no means a guarantee people will buy from you. Promotions should never act as the primary reason to purchase, they’re simply the ‘icing on the cake’ to persuade and encourage someone to buy. Really, your target audience will only buy from you if your messaging and overall proposition is compelling enough. But don’t let that dishearten you – yes it means you’ve got a bit of work to do to ensure your overall offer to your customers is attractive enough; but the fun part is coming up with ideas to add value to the purchase – to give them that little nudge they need, to seal the deal.

Being the generous type, we’ve brainstormed some handy ideas and ways you can add value through your promotional activity:

  • Offer a free gift with purchase

Promotional products are commonly used as a strategy to add value to customer purchases, by providing an incentive to buy your products or services, such as ‘buy X and get a free gift’. The free gift, in order to be effective, needs to be useful and desirable for your target audience.

Instead of taking something from the cost, the promotional gift adds more to the purchase, increasing the overall perceived value of the product while maintaining the same product price, thus providing a perception that the customer is getting ‘more for their money’ and delivers a more positive experience that exceeds their initial expectations. Your customers will appreciate these as an authentic effort to establish a connection, often becoming repeat purchasers and sharing their experiences with their colleagues, friends and family.

  • Surprise, Surprise!

A bit like adding a gift with purchase, but with the element of surprise (who doesn’t love a good surprise?!) Instead of explicitly communicating it, your customers are instead ‘surprised’ with a free sample or gift when they make a purchase. This is a great opportunity to exceed their expectations, because the experience actively engages your customers with the product and your brand, to develop a potentially long-term relationship and future loyalty.

  • Get social!

Instead of ‘pushing out’ lots of one-way sales messages, use social to create an ongoing dialogue with your target audiences to encourage customers to share their positive experiences with your business with their friends/family and colleagues. This is a great way to boost brand awareness and increase your reach to a much larger social audience. What’s more, customers who are given rewards in exchange for their loyalty are likely to keep on engaging with your brand.

Social media rewards involve engaging consumers in an online social environment by creating a ‘community’ of loyal fans and followers – and rewarding them for being a fan. With social media, you can gain or attract new fans, whilst also engaging and giving back to existing fans.

  • Loyalty Programmes

This is the most long-term approach of all our suggestions. Loyalty programmes offer customers a range of perks and benefits to ensure their satisfaction and retention. It often involves an ongoing process of collecting and earning rewards or prizes, exclusive sales or advanced access to new products. This way, you’re developing a regular dialogue with your customers and fostering a longer-term relationship with them to encourage retention and ongoing sales.

Complete Branding Solution

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Product Focus: Promotional Bags

Everyone loves promotional products – especially us. Every month we focus on a particular promotional product to show you why we think they’re a great sales tool to boost your brand. We’ve looked at mugs and pens, and this month we’re paying homage to the wonderful….promotional bag.

Coming in a multitude of sizes, materials, styles, colours and fit for different purposes, the promotional bag has got to be one of the most flexible and popular promotional marketing tools. Why? They work for various sectors – from retail, to big brands, charities, councils and many more -performing a major service in promoting business, products and services in all walks of life, throughout the world.

“Bags are part of daily life,” says account director and promo product fanatic, Lesley. “They’re powerful because they’re long lasting, cost effective and they work – both as forms of communication and as useable, necessary items for work or leisure. One of the biggest benefits of promotional bags is that they’re unobtrusive, so people don’t really view them as advertising. But they are one of the most effective promotional tools available!”

This is backed up by research findings about promotional products from the BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association). Promotional bags are actually useful, so 97% of recipients keep them with over 50% for more than year). Since these items get used regularly, they result in 43% more brand recognition and recall than common advertising methods like TV, radio, or magazines.

What are the benefits?

• Increased brand awareness and goodwill

Printed promotional bags are a great way to increase your brand’s exposure before, during and after an event or campaign. “When given as a ‘goodie bag’ with other promotional products at an event for example, promotional bags become associated with a sense of goodwill and appreciation. These feelings carry over to your company”, says our marketing manager Hannah.

• Versatile and flexible to your brand objectives

Our Print Manager John Carden advises: “They are made in any size or colour and from a range of materials and they’re easy to print or embroider with a wide area for personalisation with your company logo for maximum brand exposure”

• High perceived value

“Many promotional bags have a high perceived ‘keepsake’ value, so they add longevity to your marketing campaign because they are used over and over again”, adds Hannah.

Ways to use promotional bags

Just think about your business goals. Are you looking for ways to boost sales, increase brand awareness and customer loyalty, or to promote your business to a wider audience? A promotional bag can help to achieve all of these objectives. Here’s how:

1. Offer a free bag as a gift

Everyone loves a freebie, so consider offering a free promotional bag to your customers – ideal for goody bags or take away bags for a range of events, such as:

• Launch parties – as goody bags filled with free gifts and sales literature
• Press conferences – containing press packs and samples
• Exhibitions – for literature, freebies, samples and sales coupons

2. Create a re-useable bag for life

Many retailers have realised the potential for selling promotional bags to their customers. Customers are willing to pay for a bag if the price is reasonable and the bag is well-designed and/or practical such as the large heavy-duty Supermarket bag. Tote Bags and Jute Bags are popular for this purpose and can be printed with eye-catching designs, making them desirable to customers so that they can be sold at a profit and therefore, creating an additional stream of revenue.

3. Give out delegate packs at a conference

Seminars and Conferences are a great opportunity to communicate your brand and marketing messages to an already engaged and receptive audience. Whether you’re hosting or sponsoring a conference, you can use promotional printed conference bags to get your message across to all delegates and raise awareness of your products and services.

CE TIP: Using a printed conference bag, create a ‘Delegate Pack’ that contains:
– An event programme
– Name badge
– Speaker biographies
– Background notes
– Feedback form
– Promotional gifts such as: branded calculators, printed pens and personalised notepaper

All you need to do is tailor the contents, and then you will have the perfect gift for the occasion that will ensure brand recognition and attendee satisfaction. Delegates will re-use at future events or use as part of their daily working life – greatly increasing your brand’s reach and exposure to a wider audience.

Complete Branding Solution

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